Horror and Thriller Flash Fiction posted January 1, 2018

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May E. A. Poe NOT roll over in his grave.

The Stranger in the Crimson Hood

by RodG

     At the first stroke of midnight I awoke in my chair, feeling a frigid presence. I leaned toward the hearth to stir the remaining embers of the raging fire that warmed the darkened room much earlier.

    When I turned to glance at the still chiming Grandfather’s clock, its wan face stared at me from deep within a crimson hood.

    The tall figure stood silently beside the coffin window. The deep furrows of its long cowl shivered when brushed by the currents in the air . . . as did my flesh.

   “Who or what are you?” I asked.

   It slinked toward me, yet no voice came forth.

   Feeling my limbs freeze solid, I grimaced.

   As it approached, I saw mottled blood around the numerals on its face. The sable hands, shaped like upraised daggers, twitched apart.

  “Why have you come?” I cried.

   “I am . . .”
   “. . . the . . .”


    “. . . New Year.”

   The last chime echoed.

    I gawked at the ghastly face now inches away.

    “No!” I screamed. “Not another year like the last. More death? Violence and terror?”

     It nodded.
   Then came bone-chilling silence.


HOrror writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a short flash fiction story between 100 to 200 words based on the themes specified in contest details.

The artwork is courtesy of Google images.

This is a pastiche of and a tribute to Edgar Allan Poe's famous short story "Masque of the Red Death."

coffin window: ala "witches window" often found in old New England homes, especially Vermont. The window, narrow and shaped like a coffin, is usually found on the gabled end of the house.

cowl: a hooded robe (or the actual hood) typically worn by monks.

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