General Poetry posted December 31, 2017

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Greetins from Down Under

G, day Mate: Happy New Year

by Chrissy710

G’day Mate: Happy New Year

I was gunna send a greeting
For the ‘New Year’from Down Under,
But now I dunno, so let me tell ya.

This really is confusin
Dependin where ya livin,
T’murra’s really yesty, T’day.

Time’s up the creek, no paddle
Deadset I would not kid ya
South is really forward, North’s behind.

It’s arvo in Astrayla
Before the big night out,
By crickey, Hooley Dooley, we will rage.

We’ll go down to the bottlo
And suss it out for sure,
Before we blow the froth off one or two.

At twalve midnight I'll Cooee
Ow ya goin, raise me tinnie
Set a cracker off, no worries, ridgey didge.

Please don’t think I am a yobbo
A bodgy Aussie bludger,
Instead, I’m just an Ocker whose ‘True Blue’.

But enough of all this yabba
I’ve gotta get me skates on,
Before the strike of midnight, sink a few.

But before I go I’ll tell ya
Make yours a real rip-snorter,
Happy New Year one and all I say Hoooroo

Christine 31/12/2017



Having trouble trying to send this through correctly so forgive my presentation I am using my phone instead of my Ipad and finding it hard to do what I really want to do

Back on Ipad now and able to complete my terminology

However I hope you enjoy my attempt at some Aussie Humour and the use of Aussie Strine

For those less familiar with ourcAussie Strine and sayings here is a list to defuse them

G'day: Good day a very common Australian greeting
True Blue: Genuine Authenticaly Australian
Rip-snorter: Something that is exceptionally good
Ocker: Someone with a heavy Australian accent
Yobbo: Loud mouth troublemaker
Suss Out: To figurecout an unknown situation
BottleO :Bottle shop for alcohol
Cooee: A loud Aboriginal cry in the outback to tell someone where you are.
Ridgey Didge: Legitimate real deal.
Bludger: Someone who is lazy or doesn't work
Arvo: Afternoon
Dead-set: Without a doubt 100percent sure of it
Fair Dinkum: True
Blowing the froth off a few:.Drinking alcohol
Hoooroo See you later/ goodbye
Get your skates on : To hurry up
Twalve :Twelve oclock
T'Murra: Tomorrow
Yesty : Yesterday
T'day : Today
Tinnie: Can of beer
Gunna: Going to
Ya: You
Dunno: Dont know
Up the creek withou a paddle: In a fix difficult to get out of
Australya: Australia
Crikey: Amazement and surprise
Hooley Dooley: Surprise
Ow Ya Goin: How are you going
Bodgie: Worthless or inferior false
Yabba :To talk

I do wish everyone a very Safe and Happy New Year

Many Thanks and Happy New Year to eileen0204 for the great image Do I EMUse youse

Many Thanks for reading

Cheers Christine
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by eileen0204 at

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