Mystery and Crime Fiction posted December 28, 2017

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Tuesday 1:35 P.M.

by sibhus

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

James stepped out of the bank and glanced at his cell. A bearded man, wearing dark glasses and a trench coat rushed at him. Pulling a cleaver from a backpack, the man screamed, "Allah Akbar." and buried the cleaver in James's neck.

The milling crowd froze, as a woman screamed. A burly man rushed toward the bearded figure. The Jihadist pulled a .45 from his backpack, fired into the crowd, and screamed, "Death to infidels!"

The crowd dropped to the ground, as the terrorist sprinted through the bank doors. He proceeded toward the back exit randomly firing at the patrons, As he went, he stripped off the glasses, fake beard, and trench coat, revealing a police uniform. He slung the pack against the wall and barreled through the rear exit.

The now officer turned right and sprinted down the alley to the cross street, east of the bank. He followed it to the main street and stopped to reconnoiter the scene.

The area in front of the bank was complete chaos. The cops were frantically throwing up barricades, as EMTs scrambled to assist the wounded. Emergency vehicles, lights flashing, were parked haphazardly up and down the street. The crowd milled just beyond the cop cars, pointing and debating over what had happened.

The would-be officer looked toward the opposite end of the main street. It was relatively clear, except for a couple of ambulances heading in his direction. He stepped out and casually headed in the other direction of the mayhem.

"Hey, you!"

The fake policeman stopped. A sergeant with a bullhorn raced up to him.

"Where are you going?"

"O'Malley said to check the alley."

"Who? Never mind that, SWAT has that covered. I need you to help keep the crowd back."

He jogged over and took up a position next to the real cops, herding the crowd back. Then he glanced back, counted to ten, and dropped to the ground. The bank's windows blew out as the building rocked with an explosion. Officer phony slipped away in the confusion.

* * *

"Jill, yeah, it's done."

"Ryan? Was that you on the news?"

"I'm at the airport. I need the codes for James's Cayman Bank account."

"Did you have -"

"You know that if we'd tried this while James was alive, you'd be the first one he suspected."

"I'll text them."

"Got em."

"When will I see you?"

"Just play the grieving widow, and I'll clean out the accounts, before the feds find them."

"Ryan, I love you."

"Ah, yeah."

William Despain tossed the cell and headed for the departures desk.

Disguised writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a story where one of the characters is in a disguise.


The asterisks denoting a scene change may not be in the right spot, but when I tried to center them Evil Eddy added another 15 words to my total. I don't know how Eddy tallies the word count, but it must be new math, because he added an extra two words for every twenty of mine. Anyway here's my story after hours of typing and editing to fit it into Evil Eddy's word count. Let me know what you think. Thanks cakemp55 for the great picture.
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