Romance Poetry posted December 27, 2017

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No matter your station in life. You can find love.


by Leftkansas

In my mind I see my soul aimlessly wandering throughout all creation, to well beyond the sky.
Never slowing for a moment, soaring I effortlessly fly.
Searching for peace and acceptance before I rest.
The events of my life playing over and again in my thoughts, all my sins I've confessed.
Thoughts teeming with misconceptions brought on by errors in my past.
Forever anticipating the discovery of my perfect world, so I can stop and scream I'm here at last.
Life has left me with abundant scars that cover my body and infiltrate my mind.
Each scar holding an unpleasant memory. Solace I'm unable to find.
Scars rendered by numerous battles. Many lost some won.
I never found the time to walk, forever the need to run.
Children to raise, and the gnawing need of money earned.
No time to peer into the future resolutely separated from the past by bridges burned.
Imprisoned in the moment seemingly powerless to change my point of view.
Never giving up, holding onto the thought of the one thing I must do.
Continue the search for that one person that would unleash my emotions and be happy with what they see.
That one person who will care and accept me for being me.
Suddenly from out of nowhere a beautiful woman appeared quite by surprise.
She hugged me and my soul fell from the skies.
Returning to my body and merging with my mind.
I found her to be extremely caring and kind.
She kissed me and the pain of my scars faded away.
I listened intently to every word she had to say.
She spoke of sunflowers, the joy of children laughing and willow trees.
Of walks and picnics and the satisfaction of feeling a summer breeze.
She held my hand, and I discovered that perfect world I had been looking for.
She directed my thoughts to the beauty of simple things shared, as she threw open the door.
For me to share in her journey and help me forget the loneliness of my past.
I discovered my perfect world and could scream I'm here at last.
She thinks I'm special and appreciates the real me.
The blindness to simple things shared is gone, again I can see.
Now that I have found you every day there will be one thing I must do.
I will remind you that anything you find special in me is because of you.

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Respite comes to those with patience and an open mind.
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