Children Fiction posted December 5, 2017

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Two Christmas Gifts

by LoannaLois

Nathan told his Mom that his class was making pipe cleaner reindeer for the school Christmas tree. The tree was then to be taken to Children's Hospital. That was the only reason he wanted to go to school. He was scared of John Charles. John Charles pushed him down, chased him until his asthma made him stop, and then wouldn't let him play ball with the group.

The next day John Charles was still sleepy. His Mother was trying to get him up, but he had worked so hard mowing, doing dishes, running the vacuum, and doing homework, that he had only gotten a few hours of sleep. Now, his Dad was yelling at him to get up RIGHT NOW or he wouldn't get breakfast.

John Charles was a very unhappy boy. He wanted a friend, but he didn't have any because he treated everyone the way his Dad treated him.

At school, the teacher, Mrs. Trumble,was explaining to the class that they were going to have a gift exchange. She told them of the wise men traveling to see the Christ Child, baby Jesus, who was born on Christmas day. The wise men brought Jesus gifts, and now we give gifts to remember His birthday.

They drew names for the person with whom they would exchange gifts. Nathan pulled out his green card and the name was John Charles. Nathan attempted to stop the tear that sneaked from his eye. How could he buy something for the bully who teased and tried to hurt him everyday?

A disturbance caused them all to turn around as John Charles grabbed his back-pack, jacket, and ran out of the room. His Mom and Dad had no money. They would never let him buy a gift for someone. He would be so embarrassed.

That afternoon, the teacher asked Nathan to stay after school. She explained all about John Charles, his life at home,the fact that they had no money, and she explained why John Charles was used to bullying instead of having friendships. She told Nathan that she would have a gift for him since they wouldn't want anyone hurt or embarrassed.

Nathan walked home slowly. He wanted to think about how HE would feel if his Mother and Dad yelled and fought all the time. Suddenly, Nathan understood the TRUE meaning of giving a gift. Jesus received gifts of LOVE.

Nathan had an idea. He knew what he was going to do. Nathan found out where John Charles lived. His house was way past the rail yards, in a poor part of town. Nathan wasn't afraid. He prayed to Jesus to be with him as he went to visit John Charles. He was on a mission.

John Charles was surprised to see Nathan. Nathan said,"John Charles, will you go with me right now?" John Charles said,"Yeah, I guess so, goofball...WHATEVER." Even Nathan giggled.

Nathan's uncle owned Stoopy's Hardware Store and that's where they were headed. They went in the back door of the hardware store, where Uncle Stoopy was sorting nails from a new order.

Nathan knew Uncle Stoopy always needed help. He would pay Nathan to help clean and sort sometimes.

Uncle Stoopy smiled at John Charles, ruffled his black short hair, then handed him a broom while pointing to the floor. Then, Nathan started sorting nails and screws.

Three hours later, two tired but laughing boys were given two Coca Colas and money to buy one thing each from the hardware. They talked about it, and each boy knew what he wanted to buy.

The Christmas party at school was fun with all the goodies and games.

It was time to exchange gifts and two at a time, the kids gave their gifts to each other.

It was time for John Charles and Nathan. Nathan bought John Charles a ball glove. John Charles bought Nathan a baseball. Now, they could play together.

Everyone said their gifts were such a surprise, and Mrs. Trumble said those were perfect examples of love and forgiveness at Christmas, as Jesus had taught them.

Christmas Story contest entry


I wrote this and read it to the children as Mrs. Claus,as I do every year with a new story.
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