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A short tale about a young princess who loves roses.

Princess Rose and the Golden Bird

by Ferkit

Many years ago in a kingdom hidden deep in the woods, there lived a beautiful princess. She had silky red fur and sparkling dark eyes. She loved red roses so much everyone called her Princess Rose. Every evening, Princess Rose would climb onto the balcony and clap her paws together. A golden bird would land on the balcony beside her. Normally, ferrets and birds not get along, but these two shared a unique bond. As the sun slipped away , the golden bird began to sing a soft sweet lullaby. Princess Rose chirped, clucked and dooked along in happy ferret fashion. The princess's fur suddenly started to shine with a brilliant red light. Every creature in the kingdom fell asleep, dreaming the sweetest dreams until the morning light dawned.

Every night Princess Rose sang with the little bird. And every night the creatures fell asleep to the lilting song that brought only good dreams. Until one day an evil mole learned about the beautiful lullaby of Princess Rose. She was so angry and jealous, she decided to curse the tiny ferret princess. She stirred her potion and stomped her paws. She chanted her rhyme and sealed her curse with a bit of black rose petal stomped into the ground. Suddenly the brilliant red fur of Princess Rose turned as black as a ferret's fur could turn. (which was a more normal color for a ferret anyway) Princess Rose stared at herself in the mirror, tears dripping down her furry nose. She climbed onto the balcony with a heavy heart. She didn't want to sing but the creatures of the kingdom were waiting to hear her sweet lullaby. She clapped her furry paws and the golden bird landed beside her. He began to sing and she quietly joined in. The creatures drifted into a troubled sleep filed with bad dreams and nightmares.

The next morning the sad little ferret ask the golden bird, "how can I make my people's dreams sweet again?"

"Take a bath in rose water." the bird replied.

Princess Rose wrinkled her nose. She hated baths. But she missed her brilliant red fur and her people needed sweet rest. She trotted out to the garden and sprinkled rose petals in the small pond. She carefully dipped a paw into the water. Sparkling red fur appeared. She squeaked and dove into the water, splashing around until her fur was a brilliant red once more.

That evening the radiant red glow of her fur lit up the sky. She sang with the golden bird and the creatures fell into a deep sleep and dreamed the sweetest of dreams until morning.

The wicked mole was furious that her curse had been broken. She stomped all four paws and shrieked her curse again. Princess Rose turned as black as a ferret's fur could turn. ( which was a more normal color for a ferret anyway.) The the mole scurried around the kingdom collecting all the red rose petals. "You won't be able to break my curse now. "

Princess Rose was heart broken. "What do I do?" she ask the golden bird.

"Take a bath in rose water." The bird chirped.

"But where do I find red roses?" The princess wailed.

The golden bird did not reply.

Princess Rose curled up on the balcony and cried. Her tears dripped down the side of the balcony and landed on the ground below. At that moment, a young ferret prince walked under the balcony. He pulled a tiny container from the pack on his back, and took a piece of brilliant red fur out of it. He put the fur on top of the tear drop. Suddenly the red fur bloomed into a bright red rose. The prince picked up the rose and scurried up to the balcony, the precious rose clutched tightly in his teeth. He lay the rose before the distraught princess. She wiped away her tears and give him a quick ferrety kiss on the check. Together they scattered the red petals in a bowl of water. Princess Rose splashed around until her fur glowed a radiant red once again.

"Young ferret, where did you find that red fur? " The king exclaimed.

" When the princess and I were both kits, I pulled a single piece of her fur from her head as a sign of my loyalty to her. And she did the same to me, pulling a piece of fur from my head."

"It's true , father." The princess said and pulled a tiny box out from under her bed. She opened it to reveal a single piece of white fur that she had pulled from the prince's head so long ago.

All the creatures were delighted with the news. And the prince and princess married that day.

The wicked mole became so enraged that she exploded into a million tiny pieces.

Red roses once again sprang up all over the kingdom. And every evening, the red princess, the golden bird and the white prince, sang to the creatures of the hidden kingdom. And every evening the creatures fell asleep to dream the sweetest of dreams.

The End.

A Furry Tale contest entry

This is not a common fairy tale. Here is the link if you would like to read the original tale. Princes Rose and the Golden Bird
by Sergey Nikolo
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