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For A Young Girl Of Eight

A Wish Comes True

by country ranch writer

The annual Make Wish Foundation was holding their 200th in 2012. This year would be the show stopper of all time! It would be a dream come true for a special young lady who suffers from a life threatening liver disease. Her name is Annalysha Brown Rafanan.
You see Justin Bieber has his moments of awesome and sets a record for making dreams come true.You see Annalysha found out on Christmas Day in 2012 she was going to have her wish granted! She was going to meet her idol in person and attend his concert in Atlanta! But how did this happen? How did he know it was her wish?
She was excited beyond words, she was on cloud nine! She would finally get to meet Justin Bieber!

Justin found her to be a delightful young lady and she was only eight years old. She talked with him and she melted his heart. It was hard for him cope with the fact she was suffering from a life threatening liver disease.
Her mom had met with Justin Bieber earlier and she told him that, her daughter idolized him so much that she said,"thinking about him through all her procedures, kept her from minding being prodded throuh the ordeal she had to go through."
She said, "It took away the pain of being sick."
During his meeting with Annalysha she pretended to interview him like a reporter would. She asked him every question she could think of, What did he do when he wasn't singing out in public? What were his likes and dislikes? What was his favorite foods? Did he celebrate the holidays with his family or did he spend it with his beautiful girlfriend?
She was so wound up and he was so patient with her, her mother had tears in her eyes. She had never expected such politeness from his generation. Especially all the outrageous stuff she had heard about her daughters idol.
Her daughters quality time was starting to wind down when her mother got the shock of her life. Her daughter suddenly turned to Justin Bieber and popped the question, " Would he, Justin Bieber, marry her?"
The room became silent as her put her small hand in his, as he looked into her eyes and said,"He'd be honored too!"
Everyone had forgotten about the incident until the concert came up in Atlanta. Annalysha was so excited she couldn't sleep the night before. The day of the concert all she could think of was seing Justin Bieber once again up on stage.
While the concert was going on Justin introduced the Make A Wish Foundation winner to his concert. Annalysha was brought on stage and cheered on by the crowd it was a special night to remember. Then Justin took matters into his own hands and knelt down on one knee and asked Annalysh "if she would do accept his proposal of marriage!
The crowd went wild, clapping and going along with it, yelling for her to say yes! This was the best night of her life, she couldn't believe this was happening to her, right here, right now, on stage, in front of all these thousands of people! A night she would remember forever!

This was special night and Annalysha would remember this as she goes back to the regime of taking her treatments once again. The Make A Wish Foundation tries to make all the wishes come true for those who are seriously ill. It is a blessing for families to be able to accompany their children on what might be considered their last outing.

Christmas time is a time to donate to the Make A Wish Foundation when ever one can to bring happiness to every girl and boy. Wish we could find a cure for these sibilant in diseases so no one big or small would have to suffer ever again. There must be a cure out there somewhere! With all the technology we have in the world you'd think there would be some answers. Never give up and support those who are in dire need of our help. Even a few kind words go along way. Search your hearts and never turn away from family, friends or anyone in need, everyone has a special need of some kind.

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