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She looked into those eyes... and oh my.

Book of Ruth

by CJ McPherson-Heaney

The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.
"This is just an abomination of nature..." Ruth stopped fiddling with her cowlick and put the small compact away in the center drawer. A man had approached her desk.
"Couldn't help but overhear, ma'am... but I think your hair looks nice."
Ruth had to look up to the man's face -- he was very tall -- and very handsome.
"You weren't meant to hear that. That was quite unprofessional of me..." She self-consciously pushed her light brown shoulder-length hair behind her ears.
"Professional or not -- you look very nice."
Ruth blushed. She was a professional -- a professional secretarial assistant. She had worked at this law firm for three years since graduating with a degree in business administration. Now this man -- this tall man with red hair and a full beard -- was rocking her otherwise pedestrian world.
"Um... Excuse me." Ruth pulled herself closer to her desk and sat up straight in her chair.
"How may I help you?"
"Ma'am, I'm helping my folks prepare their will."
"And you need to speak with one of our trust attorneys." Ruth was usually so competent, but this man's eyes were unnerving her like nothing else...
"Yes. Can you recommend one?" The man leaned down, resting the palms of his large hands on her desk. All she could do was stare back at him -- and those eyes...
"Um... Surely." Pull yourself together, Ruth. "Let me call Thomas Bentley. He can help you." She picked up her phone, pressed a button and spoke quietly into the mouthpiece.
"He'll be right out. Would you take a seat please?"
He stood up -- Ruth watched him walk to the line of upholstered chairs against the far wall. For a big man he moved so gracefully. He wore a dark blue shirt dotted with tiny white stars. His faded jeans were held up with a wide brown belt and his black boots were heavy -- she'd never seen such boots.
"Sir, I didn't catch your name..."
"Cameron, ma'am... Fred Cameron. And yours?"
She watched him sit. "Ruth. My name is Ruth."
"What is your husband's name Ruth?"
"I'm not married..."
The look he gave her with those eyes... those eyes... "Good. That's good, ma'am. Thank you."
Within a few minutes, Tom Bentley came into the reception room. Ruth introduced him to his new client -- and as Fred followed the attorney out of the room, she exhaled...

She didn't hear him... Ruth was typing on the new IBM Correcting Selectric II while listening to an attorney's dictation through her headphones. Though she took shorthand daily, she'd rather listen to the Dictaphone, transcribing the letters at the end of the day or early the following morning. Ruth lived alone and putting in the extra hours at the office was pleasurable -- she liked the peace and quiet. And she didn't hear him come back into the office. Suddenly she was aware of him standing beside her. She pulled off her headphones, letting them fall onto her lap. And she was looking into those eyes...
"You startled me."
"Sorry ma'am. Just wanted to say thank you."
"Um... You're welcome. Was Mr. Bentley able to help you?"
"Yes ma'am. Ma'am, I'm usually not this forward, but would you have coffee with me after work -- some evening?"
She should say no. There was an unspoken rule around the office. No dating clients. But a cup of coffee was not dating...
"I guess... When?"
Should she pretend she was busy? Ruth couldn't let him think she had nothing better to do other than go home, fix a little dinner, watch a little TV and go to bed. If she said yes -- would he think she was easy? No -- this was coffee -- not a date. She'd still be home by seven -- she'd still be home in time to watch Edith, Archie and Meathead.
"Coffee?" Those eyes...
"Um... sure..."
Fred put a gentle hand -- a big gentle hand on her shoulder. "Thank you, Ruth. I look forward to it." And he was gone.
Oh my...

He was waiting for her when she walked out of the office building -- and for some reason she wasn't surprised.
"Hello pretty lady." Ruth had to shade her eyes when she looked up at him -- when she looked up at those eyes.
"Hello, Mr. Cameron."
He held out his hand to her. Ruth took his hand -- his large hand -- and they walked down the sidewalk toward a familiar cafe. She felt comfortable walking with this stranger -- this big man who had made such an impression on her in just a short while. He stopped at the cafe door and opened it for her.
"Thank you, Fred..."
They found a booth and sat. The server was at their table immediately.
"Hi Fred. The Usual?"
"Yes, Francine. Thank you. Ruth -- what would you like?"
"Do you have iced tea?"
"Yes ma'am. Be right up." The waitress winked at Fred and left to get their order.
"Do you come here often? You know the waitress." Oh, his eyes were beautiful...
"I come here a lot -- Francine is my boss's daughter." When he smiled, his mustache smiled with his lips. Ruth had never dated a man with a mustache and beard. There was something exciting about this man -- this man with the beautiful eyes that she had hardly known more than a few minutes. Oh my...
"Here you go." Francine placed a tall glass of iced tea and a straw in front of Ruth, and a cup of coffee on the table near Fred. "How was work today, Fred?"
"Good. Thanks, Francine. Just a short run today."
"So..." Ruth put the straw in the glass and sipped her iced tea -- it was good. "What do you do? Where do you work?"
"I'm a fireman, a brakeman on the D&RGW -- the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad." He took a breathing drink of his coffee. "Today was a short run. Usually I'm gone for a few days."
"You work on the railroad."
"Yes Ruth."
"I hear your horn sometimes at night -- there's a crossing near my home."
"Where do you live? Or is that too personal of a question?"
For some reason this personal question should have made her uneasy -- but there was no intent of malice in his voice or attitude.
"I live near the 42nd Street crossing -- on Gillette." Ruth drank more of her iced tea.
"I know the area well. The white house on the lower side is yours?"
"The blue two-story on the upper side -- the one with the big back yard."
"That's a nice area. Do you have kids?"
Now Ruth blushed -- she had never been with a man, much less had kids.
"No... No kids..." No kids. She hadn't had time to date while she was in college. Her parents couldn't help her financially and she worked several part time jobs as she put herself through school. Just before she graduated, her father passed suddenly from a heart attack.
The death of Ruth's father was unexpected. He was healthy. Granted he was overweight -- but no more than any of his friends. And he smoked -- but no more than any of his friends. Ruth was away at college when her mom called. And when Ruth heard those awful words..."Come home -- daddy died...," her world collapsed. She hoped her father would have been proud of her as she picked up her diploma on that stage. But her mom was there and said she was proud enough for both of them.
Ironically, her father's estate helped her buy the blue two-story house with the big back yard. She loved her home near the railroad tracks. And when the train passed by her house at night, that lonely horn sounded -- two long, a short and a long. She was comforted by the sound of that horn, though sometimes she wouldn't hear the horn for days at a time...
"Ruth, would you like to see my train? Then maybe we could get a bite before we end this nice date." If she said no, he might never have the time to ask her out again. He didn't date much -- it was hard making plans, trying to squeeze in a date between runs only to cancel because of work. But there was something about this woman, this diminutive woman who shook his world off its axis. And she wasn't answering him...
"Ruth. It's a nice night. We could take my truck."
She took a long sip of her iced tea. He was asking her to see his train, not his etchings for crying out loud. The conversation was so comfortable. And the thought of being with this man -- this man with the beautiful eyes just a little bit longer was compelling.
Without further hesitation she answered, "Yes. I'd like to see your train, Fred."

Ruth had never been this close to a locomotive -- it was huge. Fred hadn't let go of her hand since they got out of his truck, and as they approached the ominous black and orange diesel engine she felt safe.
"Come on, Ruth. Let me help you up."
"Are you sure? Won't we get into trouble?"
"No, Ruth. This is my train. If you don't want to get up onto the walkway, you don't have to. I won't make you do anything you don't want to do."
Time stopped. Evening was upon them -- the setting sun was behind the locomotive and the air was cool. A slight spring breeze had begun. She could leave right now -- no pressure. Or she could do something totally out of character and let him show her his train. Ruth took off her heels -- instantly becoming that much shorter -- and gathering her skirt around her legs let Fred help her climb the steep metal steps up to the walkway. He followed behind her, easily climbing the steps. She took a minute and looked across the extensive rail yard.
"I've never seen the yard from up here. It goes on and on..." She turned to him -- he was looking at her with such a nice smile.
"Come on -- I'll show you the cab." He opened the side door and let her go in first. Fred followed behind her. Ruth walked over to the engineer's chair.
"Sit Ruth. Please..."
Ruth stepped up on a heavy metal box and sat on the chair covered in broken leather, adjusting her skirt around her legs.
"Fred, it's wonderful up here. I've never seen anything so wonderful -- except at the top of a Ferris wheel... Do you bring all your dates up here?"
The only people he had ever shared the cab with were his engineers -- Max and Nick. He had worked with both of them for years, ever since he became a brakeman. He half wondered what they would say if they knew a young lady had sat in their chair.
He touched her shoulder. "Ruth, I've never brought anyone else up here."
"Not anyone? Ever?"
"Not anyone. Ever. Just you."
"I'm honored..."

They had gone to the local steak house. Ruth ordered a petite fillet -- Fred ordered the Porterhouse and they both had the twice-baked potatoes. She had the house wine, he had a draught beer. And she enjoyed listening to more of his stories. He explained this evening was not normal -- usually he'd be out on a two or three day trip.
"When are you home? I mean, you're home now..."
"On a normal week, I'm probably home four days and gone three. But this week we're working on the brake lines. That's why I'm home."
"When will you be going out again?"
"Tomorrow. We'll be leaving early in the morning -- too early to sound the horn as we pass by your house." He winked at her.
"Would you call me when you come back? I'd love to see you again." She finished her wine, setting the glass down by her plate.
"I'd like that, Ruth. I'd like that a lot."
"And I'm full. I can't eat all this." Ruth sat back in her chair and looked at Fred. He was sopping up the steak juices with a dinner roll. She laughed.
"My goodness man -- are you still hungry?"
"No more, ma'am." And he smiled at her. She loved his smile -- she loved spending time with this big man, this big man with red hair and a wonderful beard. He drank the rest of his beer.
The server came by their table. "Would you like to take home the leftovers, miss?"
"Yes, please." The server left for a few minutes and returned with a white bag.
"Will there be anything else, folks?"
"No ma'am. Thank you." Fred looked at the beautiful woman who sat across from him. "Or did you want dessert, Ruth?"
"No, I'm wonderful."
He reached across the table and took her hand in his large callused hand. "Yes you are, Ruth. Yes you are."
They drove to her office building where she picked up her car, then driving his truck he followed her car back to her home -- the blue two-story with the big back yard. She parked in the garage -- he parked his truck in the driveway. He followed her to the house. Ruth unlocked the side door of her home -- she turned around and faced the tall man who stood patiently behind her.
"Thank you, Ruth." Fred handed her the take-home bag. "I had a nice time tonight."
"I had a nice time, too Fred..." She held the bag with both hands -- she didn't want the evening to end.
"Um, would you like to come in? I should put this in the fridge right away."
"Yes, Ruth. That would be nice." Fred waited until she opened the door and followed her into her home. The door entered directly into her kitchen. He took a step into the room, but didn't go further. Instead, he watched as she opened the Kenmore refrigerator and placed the white bag on the top shelf. When she turned around, she saw he was still standing in the doorway.
"Fred... Please come in."
Fred closed the door behind him and walked across the black-and-white checkered linoleum floor.
"Your kitchen is bright -- I like it."
"Thank you, Fred. Um, would you like a drink?"
"Only if you will have one, Ruth."
"I have beer...?"
"Beer is fine. Thank you." He watched as she again opened the refrigerator and took out two bottles of Coors. She closed the door with her foot and opened a cabinet drawer, reached in and pulled out an opener.
"Here Ruth. Let me..." Fred took both bottles in one hand and opened them with ease. He handed one back to the beautiful woman -- the beautiful woman with whom he was totally enamored. She had been so easy to be with, laughing at his stupid jokes and listening intently to the stories he told of life on the railroad.
She raised her bottle to Fred and smiled. "To us..."
"To us, Ruthie..." They toasted bottle necks. Fred drank half the bottle with only a few swallows. He wiped his mustache with his hand.
"You missed a bit..." Ruth reached up and with gentle fingers wiped a drop from his mustache -- his mustache was so soft...
That innocent action so unnerved the big man. He wanted to kiss her. This was a first date -- and his good manners almost won out.
"Ruthie, may I kiss you?"
She had met him only a few hours earlier -- she had let him take her to his train, showing her sights she would never have seen -- and wanted to see again. Now he was in her kitchen, standing so close to her in her kitchen -- and he wanted to kiss her. Oh God...
"Ruth? If you don't want me to, I won't. I won't do anything you don't want to do..."
She whispered, "Yes..."
Fred wasn't sure he heard her. "Yes?"
"Yes... Fred. I want you to kiss me... very much..."
While he held his beer with one hand, he gently put his other hand on her back -- he gently pulled her toward him -- he gently bent down -- he gently kissed her lips -- and he heard her exhale...
"Was that okay, Ruthie?" But her eyes were still closed. Her head was still raised to his -- and the bottle of beer she held had tipped, the beer flowing onto the linoleum floor.
"Ruth... Your beer..." But she didn't seem to notice. Instead of panicking, instead of making her aware of the growing puddle of liquid at her feet, instead of doing a hundred other things -- he kissed her again. And he held her close to his body, this small woman who was rocking his otherwise controlled world. He put his bottle of beer on the kitchen table.
She knew her beer had spilled on the floor -- it's only liquid. Ruth had never been kissed like that -- never had the pleasure of a soft mustache caressing her face. And oh his breath was so sweet... And then he held her in his arms -- both arms. And she was swooning. She knew what swooning was. She had seen swooning in the movies, but had never experienced swooning... And now she was swooning... And again she exhaled...
"Fred..." She gently pushed on his chest. "Fred... I think we should... um..."
"Ruthie, do you want me to go? If you want me to go I will... If you want..."
"Yes... No... I mean no... I don't want you to go..."
"Ruthie, do you want me to stay? I will if you want me to -- I'll never do anything you don't want me to..."
"I want you to stay... please Fred... stay..." And she pressed her face into his chest. Oh this man smelled so good... No, she didn't want him to go... But she had never asked a man to stay with her. She had never been with a man... And she didn't want him to go...
"Ruthie..." Was she asking him to stay the night? He knew she was young -- and though he was older, he had never been in this situation before. He didn't want to force himself on her. That's not what he was about -- and that's not what this evening was about -- and that's not what this moment was about...
She inhaled his scent. His shirt smelled so good, his skin smelled so good -- and she was feeling something deep inside of her she had never felt before -- or never allowed herself to feel. She wasn't sure -- but she knew she didn't want him to go.
Ruth backed up a step and looked up at his face -- and those eyes... Those beautiful eyes. She never wanted to NOT see those beautiful eyes... She put her hands on his chest, feeling his heartbeat through the dark blue shirt covered with little white stars...
Fred took her hands from his chest and kissed her fingers. He walked back to the doorway and bending down, unlaced his boots. He slid them off and placed them neatly on the shoe tray. Little did he know he would be putting his boots there for the next twelve years... And for years after that, his empty boots would remain there.
He walked back to her, stepping in the spilled beer. He bent down and kissed her again, this time more passionately, like her kiss would save his life... He enveloped her body in his arms and picked her up, holding her close to his chest, her feet several inches off the floor. With one hand, he gathered her legs in his arm -- and kissed her again. And she returned his kiss, kissing him passionately, as if his kiss would save her life...
He walked through the doorway into the living room. "Where Ruth...?"
"Upstairs..." Oh God, this was really happening. She held her head close to his neck -- she could feel his heart beating in his chest. He was strong -- and she felt safe. Oh God... Ruth silently directed him into her bedroom -- the room where only she slept.
He walked in -- and still held her close to him. "Ruthie? Is this okay?"
"Yes... This is okay..."
He gently laid her on the bed and putting one knee on the mattress, leaned over and kissed her again -- and again. Her kisses were so sweet. He never wanted to NOT kiss her again... Her breath was so sweet. He could drown in this woman and die happy.
He stood. Slowly he unbuttoned his shirt, pulled the long tail out of his pants and let it fall from his body onto the floor. And she was looking up at him. Fred thought she was the most beautiful thing he had seen in a very long time...
She watched as he took off his shirt -- his well-developed chest was covered with curly red hair... She thought he was an extraordinary looking man. And she wanted him.
Fred sat on the edge of the bed and unbuttoned Ruth's pink sweater, carefully and tenderly unbuttoning each pearl button. He opened her sweater -- exposing her lace-trimmed silk chemise -- and leaning down kissed her face, her neck, her chest... She smelled so good...
The way he was touching her was like nothing else she had ever experienced. He was so gentle, making sure she was comfortable with everything he was doing to her. His large callused hands felt so good on her skin -- and when he kissed her, his mustache almost tickled her skin... This was without a doubt the most erotic thing that had ever happened to her in her life! She cradled his head in her hands and kissed his lips hard, pressing her tongue into his mouth... Though she had never kissed anyone like that -- ever -- it was such a natural reaction, such a natural thing to do. And he kissed her...
And he kissed her, responding to the softness of her tongue... and he pressed his tongue into her mouth, making love to her with his tongue... And she softly sucked on his tongue... Oh God...
"You're going to kill me, Ruthie..." He sat up and gently pushed her skirt up to her waist... She wore nylons and a garter belt. How fucking hot. Carefully, he pulled her panties down her legs... And he kissed her mouth again...
"Is this okay Ruthie...?" There was no turning back now, but he was a gentleman. He needed to make sure she was comfortable with what he wanted to do -- what he wanted to share with her...
"I'm wonderful Fred..." She sat up and took off her sweater. He helped pull her pretty silk chemise off over her head, then reached behind her and gently unclasped her bra strap. As he pulled the straps down her arms, he kissed her face, her neck, her shoulders and gently caressed her breasts. When she lay back on the bed, he looked at her beautiful face, then slowly moved down her body and kissed her breasts. She held his bearded face with her warm hands as he kissed and gently sucked on her sweet nipples. A groan escaped his body as her nipples reacted to his tongue.
"Ruthie... Have you ever...?" He needed to know. He knew she was young.
"Fred... No... I've never... Please..." Ruth kissed him again -- again letting his tongue enter her mouth -- again sucking on his tongue... Again she heard that groan coming from deep in his chest.
"God, Ruthie..." He moved lower and kissed her tummy, and lowering himself more kissed her belly. Her skirt was still wrapped around her waist and she wore the prettiest white garter belt. How erotic. He kissed her thighs -- and she responded by opening her legs. Oh God... He kissed the inside of her thighs, feeling the tremors resonating through her body. He lifted her legs, cradling them in his strong arms. She smelled so good... and she tasted like heaven.
Ruth hadn't ever felt a tongue so soft on her skin -- never had a man touched her like that... And when he kissed her down there, a feeling like an electrical charge began in her groin... And when he sucked on her in that special place, the electrical charge burned her legs as it consumed her body. Ruth shouted out incomprehensible words, foreign words, non words, biblical words, passionate words... And she clutched at his hair, his shoulders -- Oh God... She had never felt anything so powerful in her body -- ever!
Fred stood and pulled off his heavy work pants and boxers -- and knelt on the bed. He held himself over her body, her skirt still tangled around her waist and her arms begging him to lay on her. He nestled his body between her legs... She raised herself up to him. Slowly and patiently he pressed into her, letting her get used to him as he gently gently pressed into her more and more... barely thrusting...
He was so big, though she had nothing to compare him to... And he slipped into her easily. His large body almost crushed her, but she reveled in his weight. She held on to his arms, his shoulders, his head -- kissing his mouth, sucking on his tongue, wanting more... And she felt him thrusting harder -- oh she wanted this. She wanted this man -- she wanted this big man who had introduced her to so many new feelings...
"Ruthie... How are you..." He was breathing so hard -- he was almost ready to come, but he wanted to make sure she was going to come with him...
"I'm wonderful Fred..." She exhaled her words. "I'm wonderful..."
"Yes you are, Ruthie..." And he didn't hold back -- and he thrust into her just a few more times before he couldn't hold back any more... And he knew she experienced her second orgasm with him. He collapsed on her body. Ruth held his legs tight with her ankles and his large shoulders with her arms and wouldn't let go...
"My God Ruthie... You are so sweet..." He rolled off her body, pulled the quilt up over their bodies and sharing one pillow slept until early morning...

She woke -- she pressed her face into her pillow. Oh, what she did last night -- what she did last night with the man with those eyes.
Ruth rolled over and stretched. Oh, she was sore -- and he wasn't there. Oh no... Had he taken advantage of her? Had he thought she was easy and then ran out of her house? So many terrible thoughts ran through her head. She looked at the clock and sat up. Oh no! She forgot to set her alarm last night and now she was late for work.
Ruth rose from her bed -- she still wore her skirt and garter and nylon stockings. Holy man... She stripped and took a quick shower. Oh, she was sore. And she needed to call work. Oh -- today was Saturday. Holy man... Thank goodness!
She put on her robe and padded downstairs to the kitchen. The first thing she'd have to do was clean up that spilled beer. But when she entered her kitchen the floor was dry -- and clean. Two rags had been wrung out and hung drying across the edge of the sink. And a pot of coffee had been made. Holy man... As she poured a cup of the freshly brewed coffee, she noticed a note taped to the cupboard door...
'Good morning, pretty lady. I have your phone number. I'll call you Monday night when I get back into town. Listen for the horn. Fred.'
Oh my...

As promised, while she was watching her TV show, Ruth heard his train horn. And a few minutes later, her phone rang. She ran into the kitchen and picked up the yellow wall-mounted phone.
"Hello? Fred?"
"Hi, pretty lady. Can I come over?"
"Yes -- I've got dinner if you're hungry. Meat loaf and mashed potatoes."
"My favorite. I'll be there in a half hour."
"See you then, Fred."
"See you then, Ruthie."
And that's how it began. Whenever Fred was in town for a few days at a time, he ate dinner with her and stayed the night. And when he was out on the railroad he would call her every night. And when she missed her period... She really didn't miss it -- she just didn't remember that she missed it. And when the waistband on her dress trousers wouldn't button...
Ruth was scared. She couldn't tell anyone -- she certainly couldn't tell her mom. There was no one to tell -- no one except Fred. And what would he think? Was she just a convenient place to go at night? Was she just one of many girls he had in every town? Certainly an abortion was not an option. She had to tell Fred.
He called -- he would be out of town one more night, then he'd be home. Then he'd be home... Home... Maybe she was more than... How did they say it? A port in the storm? Or was she just a port in his storm? She was reluctant to say anything, but he'd figure it out soon enough.
And her job! Her medical insurance didn't cover child birth! Why would it? She was a single lady. What were the chances she would get pregnant! After all, she wasn't dating anyone. No, she wasn't dating -- she was shacking up with a man -- a man with beautiful eyes. And she was going to have his baby...
Would he deny it was his baby? He was the only man she had ever been with -- had sex with. The only one. The first one. The only one. She heard his truck pull up to the garage -- she heard his heavy boot steps come up to the house -- she heard the door open and close.
And he was here. Oh God... She was so afraid he would hear her words and high-tail it out the door, out of her driveway, out of her life. Oh God... She called to him.
"I'm in the living room, Fred..." She stood and turned off the TV. The 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich were being televised -- but this was more important.
Fred walked into the room. This had been a long day -- a long couple of days. He was tired. He was tired and it was so good to be home -- home with Ruthie. He felt so comfortable with this woman. And she was a wonderful cook -- and she shared her bed with him. Everything had happened so suddenly -- and he loved coming home to her. Since the first night he stayed with her he hadn't been back to his apartment except to get a change of clothes. Was he falling in love? If this wasn't love, it was pretty damn close.
Ruth stood facing the console television set. He walked up behind her and bending slightly kissed her head. She smelled so good. It was so good to be home with her. He gently turned her around -- she was crying. She was really crying. What could possibly be wrong? She pressed her face into his chest and cried so hard. He had absolutely no idea what was going on. He touched her face and put two fingers under her chin, forcing her to look up at him. Oh, her eyes were so sad...
"Ruthie... what's wrong?"
She couldn't help herself. She was crying and couldn't stop. Her tears ran down her face. She leaned into his chest and couldn't stop crying.
"Please Ruthie. Tell me what's wrong."
"Fred... Oh God... I don't know how to tell you..."
"Tell me what, Ruth? Please, talk to me."
"Um..." With both hands she wiped the tears from her face -- which only brought on more tears. Once she started, she couldn't stop. No one could fix her stupid tears.
"Ruth, talk to me... Please..."
Now she looked up at his face and those eyes -- those eyes. She took a deep breath.
"Fred... I'm pregnant..."
And she closed her eyes -- Ruth didn't want to watch him leave. If she kept her eyes closed she wouldn't feel the pain of watching Fred walk out of the room, out of her house, out of her life. And she waited... But he was gently pulling her by her hands. He sat on the couch and pulled her down to him, making her sit on his lap. And he was holding her to his chest -- kissing her face, stroking her hair...
"Ruthie, I love you..."

Romance Writing Contest contest entry

The character of Ruth Cameron has several critical guest starring roles in Book I of the Always and Forever Trilogy. Now in Book II: The Frailest Leaves of Me, her back story is told. It begins with an innocent encounter in her law office â?? and culminates in a lifetime of cherished love.
Iâ??m the mother of four, grandmother of eleven and great grandma of three... and I remember what love was... I remember the look, the feel, the smell and the taste of love. I remember what it was like to meet that one person â?? that one person who I knew would change my life forever.
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