Commentary and Philosophy Poetry posted November 5, 2017

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Not No Reason

by michaelcahill

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
The author has placed a warning on this post for language.
The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.

Not No Reason

it was yesterday


you had the power

but now it's my turn, fool
and I'm in the tower

dismiss me as


now watch me flower
back the fuck up

this is my hour

Guns don't kill people, speeches kill people. Be it nobler in the hearts of a good brewsky, then the drivers would designate a safer journey, that's the key, not the car. Can't you see that? Not the needle, the poppy flower-- it's lovely, especially covering a hillside, AND YOU, you misguided fool, would cut them down and think you've cured drug addiction ... I could shoot you.

watch the crowd part
when they see my glock
I cock my trigger
it triggers my cock

what say you now.
you cow tramp bitch.
remember you once
left this boy
in the ditch?

Like, damn, Patrick was a pimply faced looo oooo ssaaaa eeee rrrrr. Is it like my fault? Am I supposed to drop my gorgeous rich boyfriend and go to Mickie Dees with that fool just because he's all sad for being a nobody? Hello, the ice cream truck is outta smoothies. Buy some acne cream and consult a fashion magazine, dude ... nerd is out in the new millenium. So, he says ya, like hello to me. I'm like, wallpaper belongs on the wall, fido.. Can you imagine? Now he blows away a dozen kids for no reason. Was I right or was I right? Totally.

look at this steel
glist'ning hard
seeking pleasure

mind your words girlie
speak slow, each one measure

tell me you want me
convince me
cunt quick
or something might slip
and you'll lose ...

what ya treasure
will ooze 

We have Dr. Redsum Books here today. How would you describe this mass murderer, Doctor? "Well, a classic sociopath, Hane, a social outcast, a loner unable to interact with his fellow human beings. He was a kettle waiting to erupt, a volcano waiting to boil over. It's no surprise he shunned the friendship of his classmates. He's pure evil."

what's that smell?
pussy in the well
(go to hell)
dead things swell

       at      time's     leisure

"I'll be at Vromann's Books today at 4PM, by the way, for a book signing. "He's Pure Evil" is selling like cakes fried in a pan."


I walk in the room now
the bullies all scatter
yesterday wasn't it me
left a tatter?




He was a sweet boy, wouldn't harm a fly ... well, he had a fly swatter. I suppose I'm to blame, I never should've bought him that. But they just buzz around, bzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz, fuckin' bastards drive me NUTS! But Patty Cakes was a darling boy, gentle on the nipple. His sister was a biter, but not dear Patty Cakes, he's was sooooooo tender. He loved his momma.

I was lost
now I'm found
here's your cost
suck some ground

He was askin' for it. I mean, it was .irresistible Nerdorama on a stick. One time we stripped his ass and dropped him off on Main Street ... with a pair of bunny slippers Crazy-glued to his feet. His sad little dick tied with a pink ribbon. Now THAT'S funny ... dontcha think? Bunny slippers ... heh, heh, heh.

I seek flesh by the pound
what goes 'round
comes around

who's the punk


I suppose it doesn't matter ... but, maybe, maybe they should've let him be. Or maybe, maybe it wouldn't be such a burden to be nice for a moment, just a moment. Then, I'm insane ya know ... the crazy fool ... out of touch with reality ... when you strengthen the weakest link ... what do I know?

the fuckers
were mean 


I did nothing

      I've claimed me--

            HUMANITY drinks now

                  at my rusted sink

my taut muscles begin to relax now, as you all cheer, and red corpuscles shoot down the drain ... but I smile as I imagine
the white ones ... the white ones ... choking you ...

        choking you

choking you

                        choking you

                                     choking you


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