Humor Fiction posted November 1, 2017

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A Tom and Damommy story.

Damommy's Dadoggy

by Thomas Bowling

“His name is Dadoggy”,” Damommy said. “I named him after me.” Tom was at Damommy's house. She was proudly displaying her new dog. He looked like a mixture of several small breeds with some cat thrown in for good measure.

“That's an interesting dog. What breed is he?” Interesting is a word Tom used when he didn't want to say what he was really thinking.

“It's a chowmeraniun,” Damommy said, beaming with pride. “He's going to be a grand champion. You can see it in his bone structure.”

“How old is he?” Tom asked.

“Somewhere between fourteen weeks and eight years. The breeder didn't remember which litter he came from.”

“Does he know any tricks?”

“We're still working on that. But he's an excellent guard dog. If a burglar . . .” At the word burglar, Dadoggy ran behind the couch and started whimpering.

“That's what he does to let me know there's an intruder in the house.”

“I can see where that would be helpful, but I prefer my dog, Toby Keith's method. Watch. Toby, warn.” Toby sprang to attention. He growled menacingly and bared his fangs. He paced back and forth anxiously and snarled. Dadoggy whimpered from his hiding spot. A puddle formed under the couch.

“He always empties his bladder before he fights,” Damommy explained.

“Good idea,” Tom said. “You don't want to go into battle and have to stop for a pee-break.”

“Toby, at ease. False alarm,” Tom commanded. Toby Keith stopped growling but continued to pace back and forth. “He'll do that for a half hour after the all clear sign. He's still is on high alert in case the trouble returns.”

Damommy shuddered. “That would be irritating. All that barking and pacing. I like Dadoggy's response. One time the neighbor's cat . . .” Dadoggy whimpered again. “Oh, shut up! Where can I get a dog like Toby Keith?”

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