Horror and Thriller Poetry posted November 1, 2017

This work has reached the exceptional level
inspired by a famed Christmas Poem

'Twas the Night

by Leineco

'Twas the last of October and all through the house
Halloween's littered crumbs were sweet treats for a mouse. 
Lit candles in pumpkins were blown out with care
but party's detritus was still scattered there.

The children'd snuck candy up into their beds
then pulled rumpled covers up over their heads
while mom fussed and groused 'bout the toothpaste tube cap
and dad slouched to bed for a hung-over nap.

But 'round about three, he awoke with a start
at a hair-raising sound that quickened his heart -
in the darkness below, he swore he heard bones
that clattered and clacked like a spill of loose stones.

He stumbled from bed and crept to the stairs
while under his breath he mumbled some prayers.
At the landing he stopped and peeked, carefully,
afraid of the unholy things he might see.

He gasped at the sight that his eyes did behold;
a ghoulish tableau, that turned his blood cold!
A skeleton man, extending cut rose
to a skeleton girl in a coquettish pose.

Adrenalin surged as blood rushed to his head
when he witnessed this nightmarish courting of dead
in the gloom of the room just twelve steps below.
   His arm hairs stood up as he felt terror grow.

Just then amber glow pierced night's masking black.
Afraid that they'd see him he quickly jumped back
and covered his mouth to muffle the stream
of unstoppable shrieks he feared he would scream.

He slumped to the floor in a panic-struck swoon
as he saw them advance by faint light of the moon.
When mom woke that morn, to dawn's blinding glare,
curled up in a ball - he was still lying there. . .

   His lips were drawn back in a rictus of fear
   his eyes had flown wide as death's remnants drew near
   his life was cut short by a breath-stealing dread
   of incurring the wrath of cadaverous dead.

So beware, on All Hallows, of bump, creak or scratch
of low moans or thumping or rattle of latch -
Stay snug in your bed, or come next year's Samhain
you might find you've joined danse macabre's brief reign!


Halloween Poetry Contest contest entry


:-) This piece was inspired by Clement Clark Moore's "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" combined with this intriguing artwork I stumbled across.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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