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Date night and suspended communication

A chapter in the book Anybody Out There?

Anybody Out There? Part 3

by Jm4805

Xella floated in her cabin, she had the intercom set up so she can relax and talk; she felt stiff from hunching over by the speaker for hours on end. "Computer, is this planet in the database?"

"No. They were deemed to be unintelligent. Code 3."

"Code 3, that's underdeveloped but watched."

"He didn't sound underdeveloped." She floated, her hair was a violet color, her cabin was spacious, a bed, desk, that didn't move, a shower, entertainment device, monitor, and glowing blue tablet. She stretched and went through the database with the tablet, the recharging cells still had a few months, her food and water was fine. She had a hydroponic garden, grew a type of plant based protein that could be rearranged into whatever she wanted to eat.

"Do you think he'll call back?"

"I am unsure."

"What do you think?"

"That's not in my programming."

"Don't sass me." She groaned. "I'm fighting with the computer."

"Why are you so interested?" The computer retorted.

"I- I don't know. It's been so long since I heard a voice. Voice communication takes light years to travel to the nearest port. This is deep space. I can't say I had a lot of friends before, family was always tied up back home on the farm. By the time I get back everyone will be dead for generations. It's just so lonely." She relaxed, flipping and pressing a switch, the gravity returned and she walked over to her couch after her feet touched down. "I know I volunteered, but I didn't have much before."

"But why are you so interested in talking to him?"

"I'm not sure, he could be disgusting looking by all accounts. Who knows what kind of species human's look like." She laughed. "But he sounded nice."

"Accessing." Xella looked up.


"Retracing source."

Again, without the knowledge of any animal or sentient life form, an invisible burst of radiation was sent to Earth, hitting a satellite that routed calls, the information was hacked into, and spread throughout the world.

"You're a scientist!" She squealed, sitting across from Richard was a pretty, but overly excitable woman. Not the first that Phil set him up with. Half of them tended to be his rejects or once, Phil's sister, Richard still shuddered at the prospect.

"Technically I'm more of an Engineer, I work with computers, sending out signals..." He started to say, he remembered telling Xella the night before, she gave him pointers. This girl just stared back, smiling, he knew she wasn't interested.

"Do you want to come back to my place?" She offered, the dinner wasn't even halfway done. He knew what she was after, he saw the dollar bills in her eyes, Phil must have told her that Richard was well off. Which was funny, he would be if it weren't for student loans and a government salary. He wanted to be back there talking to Xella. He hoped she would understand.

"I'm alright, I've got some data I need to input."

"You- science types are all the same!!" She stood up, here it comes, he thought. Why couldn't they just be polite and leave? Why did it always have to be personal? "I throw myself - " He had no idea while this girl was yelling at him, Xella was watching.

"What is that?" She watches them both. "Is that Richard?" She could only see the back of his head, short black hair. The girls she saw, in a strange outfit, lots of artificial coloring on her face, long ornate hair, yelling at him, enraged.

"How did you find him?" Xella said instead of saying, 'why isn't he communicating with me?'

"The data off his communication device, it's linked up to the satellite, registered to the base, I could pull up conversations from as far back as six months ago." The computer spoke freely.

"That's fine." She watched her storm off. Richard stepped outside, into the cold desert night. He pulled out his device and started to talk into it. "Can we hear what he's saying?" Xella leaning closer trying to see what a male human looked like.

"Phil, hey man, I'm sorry."

"Again? Didn't she offer to take you back to her place?"

"Yeah, I just... I don't know about all this. I want-"

"You're too picky. Where are you going to find this dream girl of yours?"

"Somewhere out there." He turned his head and looked up towards the sky. "Is it that weird to want to find someone just like me? Someone who looks up at the sky and wonders what's out there?"

"You are one strange guy." Richard could hear the frustration in Phil's voice. "I get how you feel, but you can't just stay cooped up behind a desk and then at your computer at home. Don't you want anything more out of life?" He laughed as if he was presenting the dream that everyone would want to follow.

"Too much to ever put to words."

Xella saw Richard, she was surprised, his species didn't look all that dissimilar to her own. That proves some theories back home about common ancestors among the stars. She was shocked to find his pale skin, grey eyes, and smile to be pleasing.

"He's handsome." She watched in surprise.

"What did you expect?" The computer started to sound different, she wondered for a second if
the radiation was affecting her circuitry. "A giant Lizard creature from Nigel 29-02?"

"Not sure, just not him." She placed her hand on the screen.

He held the phone down, the conversation ended. He watched the girl driving off with a dust cloud. "Is it really that much to ask for?" The communication still came through. "I wonder if Xella would be mad? I wonder what it'll be like sitting across from her at dinner." He shook his head. "Get it together Richard, what am I thinking? She's an alien, she could be eight feet tall, or from a race so superior it would be like sitting next to a dog." The stars looked so distant.

"Either way it didn't matter, Phil will bother me next week with another girl, and I have to prepare reports for the board tomorrow." He started to head off to his old vehicle, the screen faded and they lost the communication.

"Guess I won't be hearing from him today?" She slunk back, and looked outside the port screen, the same beautiful sight somehow became dull. She looked to the libraries, songs, vid plays. And then back up at the ceiling. "Computer... you accessed information?"


"How much information?"

"Collectively? It spans the globe, history, reports, governments, languages..."

"Time for a crash course on Earth."

She watched the world, from the beaches to the mountains, seeing every recorded sight that Richard described. It was a beautiful world, more diverse than most of the worlds she had ever been too. So many languages, countries, boundaries. She also saw the wars, atrocities.

Lamenting on how similar their cultures were, divided and full of trails of blood. They must be a related race after all. Human's must think that with starships and technology that war would become obsolete, blood won't ever be spilled. If this is any indicator, blood will always be spilled, the only difference is the magnitude and distance. She heard songs, concerts, listened to stories, even watched a television show or two. Too excited to sleep, at least she thought. She woke up just in time to hear something familiar.

"Xella?" The voice was undoubtedly Richard.

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