General Fiction posted October 25, 2017

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A Happiness Pill

The Pill

by Bichon

Lucy squeezed her fists tightly in rage.

"It's okay Lucy. You'll get your pill soon enough!" Bree said in a sweet voice as she rubbed Lucy's shoulder.

"No, it's not okay. Even whiney David got his pill! He only stuck up his skinny hand and answered two plus two," Lucy grumbled.

"Actually, it was fifty-eight plus ninety-four, but that's not the point..." Bree's voice trailed off.

After lunch, Lucy began to tidy up. She had to be at her next class in five minutes, if not Mr. Jones would nag her about being on time and give one of his infamous lectures. Not even the pill could make those bearable.

Mr. Jones pointed at the whiteboard and scanned the classroom with his crooked glasses.

"Lucy, would you ever open those eyes and at least pretend to be interested?" he asked as he sighed.

Lucy rubbed her face dramatically as she let out a yawn.

"I see. You didn't get the pill today, did you?" he said mockingly as the students laughed.

"How did you guess?" Lucy gave a smirk.

Mr. Jones raised his left eyebrow and cleared his throat.

"Let's make this interesting. You tell me about the pill and its origin, and you can have one."


Lucy sat up straight and began her story.

"Well, let's see. The government can control our emotions and all that. Doing so, they make us unfairly work for our happiness. Happiness and joy are somehow contained in a little pill, like something fictional you'd see in a movie, right? Anyways, a builder finishes building a table, he gets a pill. A student answers a question correctly, she gets a pill. Blah, blah, blah, happy, happy, happy."

Mr. Jones stared at Lucy, his mouth set in a straight line.

"Do I get a pill now, sir?"

No reply, just stunned silence.

"Alrighty then.." Lucy whispered.

She got up from her place, marched over to Mr. Jones' desk, grabbed the pill container and emptied the last one into her hand.

"Thanks sir. this was a very educational experience." Lucy smiled and walked out the door.


Any suggestions or corrections would be warmly welcomed please! I don't think I've done too well on this piece, but we'll see how it goes. As I've mentioned before, I'm not good at writing dialogue, but I tried!

It is based off a writing prompt I came across on Reddit: In a dystopian future, the goverment controls your chemical balance and currency is obsolete. You're paid in happiness.

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