Humor Poetry posted October 22, 2017

This work has reached the exceptional level
A lament upon the nature of blank verse


by visionary1234

So tell me, pray, how Shakespeare’s to be read

if five iambics can’t be lodged within

my head! But then again, the questions now

arise of accidental rhyme. A sin!

But ‘read’ and ‘head’ are irresistible,

it seems to me, and surely Shakespeare’s wit

allowed for cheeky variations here

and there? A rhyme, an iamb incompletely

placed, to dangle feckless there, to challenge

motley fools, obsessed by need to count

in strict, unvaried order. DUM. Da DUM ...

'til, snoozing now, I fall upon the floor

and wonder if internal rhyme is also

frowned upon, and assonance confused

with rhyme. But, stay a while, and smile with me

for members of the Meter Bleater’s Club

will surely understand that mastery

of form precedes all variations. Yes?

And endings that are feminine will come

in time. (We’ll sneak some rhyme internally).

But hark! Let high and mighty drama now

ensue, and strike us DUM ... da DUM da DUM ...



I actually LOVE writing blank verse ... really I do ... And yes, the rhyming here, internal and otherwise is intentional ... and so are the feminine endings :):):) (da DUM da ending one line, allowing the next line to begin with DUM ...)

Club entry for the "Iambic Pentameter" event in "Meter Bleaters Club".  Locate a writing club.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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