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Something I wanted to share on the idea of symbolism.:)


by Aqua2021

What would the world be without symbols? The world would certainly be much different. Symbols are not pictures and words on the surface, but hold a definite greater meaning and background to them. The idea of symbolism helps us create interpretations and stories behind depictions. Symbols are everywhere around us, humans use symbolism on an everyday basis, some we might not even think of. Driving to school, I look out the window and see signs that depict pedestrian symbols that symbolize as a visual that people are walking. This is just one example of the many ideas of symbolism I encounter on a daily basis. Not only do they come in depictions as images but come in various other forms as well such as music, writing, and gestures. From closely analyzing a small gesture, it can hold so much greater meaning and importance. Sign language is a great example of symbolism. The form of communication is used globally and can provide meaning without having to say a single word. Sometimes, symbols are best to keep secretive rather than obvious as it helps others find their own perspective and build their own story. Symbolism has added so much creativity to this world and in its own way, become a form of communication.

Just something I wanted to share on the idea of symbolism.:)
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