General Fiction posted October 11, 2017

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A Dreamer Sailing the Dark Skies

Dreams of the Universe

by poetwatch

I saw stars last night as I walked out from a dream. They swirled around like a galaxy of thought, a million suns of light with planets like ours. It got me to thinking. Every night we die and live in our minds as our bodies rest. But just suppose that while we sleep our spirit rises into the heavens and lives in another world.

"Hi partner, glad you could make it. Not too many people come out this way. It's a far and distant world, but it's beautiful to be."

I turn to the sound of his voice. He has a strong, yet, caring voice. I see him standing before me with his ranch hat in his hand, wiping the sweat of his brow. He's about six feet tall, strong of body, with gray hair, and kindly eyes.

"What's the matter son? Don't you know that you're asleep and you're visiting? Come daylight you'll forget every place you visited. But you got here first so let me show you around. This place is heaven, not the heaven you're thinking of, but a world that you will want to stay in. Out here, your spirit and soul come together. You become one within yourself and with everyone that comes and is here. Weird ain't it? That's because you're not on earth anymore. In this place there is no time, no pocket watch going around like the earth is. We take one lighted moment to the next as a breath of fresh air."

"Wait a minute," I stammer. "Where am I? Who are you? And what are you talking about?"
"You're dreaming son." He turns away, and I follow him as he walks toward a house on a hill.
"Aw, hello?" I call out to him. "At least tell me your name?"

"My name's Gabriel, but everyone calls me Gaby for short. This place is located in the far reaches of the Centurion Nebula. It's not on your world map, nor on any map for that matter. Right now, we're going into the house and see how you got to be here. That way we can shed some light on the mind."

As we walk toward the house I look at my surroundings; the trees swaying in the light breeze sound like violins being played. I see a rock start rolling, its size is about three feet, but it appears to float in the air. I look closer and it's not even touching the ground. The grass parts where we walk and then fills back up. As we get closer to the house, I look once more at the trees and see heart-shape leaves playing beautiful music. The door to the house opens and I'm greeted with aromas of the delicacies cooking. My stomach grumbles as a voice rings out.

"Hey, Gaby, I see you brought a visitor for dinner. Hope he likes home cooked meals cause that's all we got. Hey young fella, my name's Jake, and this here is my lady, Bliss. Welcome to the World of Love. I think you've come here before but you never stayed for dinner. Always one dream after another. I declare, some places you traveled to made even me blush. Other places, I would pray for you. Looks like you made it so far and you visited us first this time. Good for you. Now eat up. I have a feeling you will need your strength this night; there are many shadows following you."

I give him an inquisitive look.

"Oh, don't you know that when a body is at rest there are many other spirits traveling? The evil ones can destroy you while you travel in sleep. They can take over your body. By the look on your face, I guess you didn't. Eat up, son. The food's good for the spirit and soul."

I eat and feel my oneness fill with strength and light. I see the beauty of this place as the stars swirl before my eyes and sail once more the darkened sky.

I know this will sound crazy, but I have sailed the stars and seen the unseen. In my dreams (I think) I'll let you see a little of the universe. This is one of many.
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