General Poetry posted October 5, 2017

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A Weird Personal Experience contest entry

The Cat on the Bed

by DragonSkulls

A Weird Personal Experience Contest Winner 
In November of the year that passed
I bought a house to spend my life.
We searched for months until at last
I found a home to suit my wife.

The owners were a kind old pair
but slightly odd in ways unknown.
For thirty years they've lived right there
and all their kids have long since grown.

They spoke of pets they've had and lost
through years of love and joys abound.
The heartbreaks of what time has cost
now buried deep within the ground.

With calming words I too agreed.
We've all had pets we've loved that died.
They fill what voids our souls might need
but for how long...we can't decide.

They went their way and we moved in.
Our own two cats now come to reign.
A lifetime here we now begin.
Until I pass I will remain.

Two months went by and all was well
until I saw my cats in fear.
I know their ways and I could tell
that they could sense a presence here.

I blew it off 'cause cats are freaks.
I checked it out but found no source.
They both stayed spooked for days then weeks
and often hissed this hidden force.

One night when I had laid my head
and sleep had nearly come to be,
I felt a cat jump on the bed
and felt it walk to circle me.

I rubbed my fingers making sound
that always calls my cats to pet.
When moments passed it was profound
that neither had responded yet.

Right at the time my wife was gone.
The cats and I were on our own.
I reached and turned the nightlight on
but I was there in bed alone.

I searched the room but did not find
a cat to soothe my self-esteem.
I shunned it off to tricks of mind
and slowly drifted off to dream.

Two months went by and once again
the pillow cupped my weary head.
Before I drifted off in Zen
I felt a cat leap on the bed.

I reached to pet my feline friend
'cause love is what it's all about.
I found it hard to comprehend
and felt a twinge of angst and doubt.

The cat I felt walk on the sheet
was oddly nowhere in my sight.
I quickly questioned this deceit
and rose from bed that summer night.

I hurried through the house and found
that both my cats were fast asleep
in other rooms so safe and sound.
The thought of this was harshly deep.

The other night it came again
but also moved some cords and blinds.
It seems I have another friend
and death can't keep its soul confined.

It means no harm from what I see.
It simply chooses not to leave.
This cat's a ghost that sleeps with me
beyond the realm that I perceive.


Writing Prompt
Write a rhyming poem that describes a strange experience you claim you had.
Length - A minimum of 200 words.
Use: no animation, soundtrack, or other special effects.
Only FS editors (basic, advanced) for one font color and one background color.
One font in one size throughout.
Only one illustration, above the poem (optional).

A Weird Personal Experience
Contest Winner

This is nonfiction. It moves like a cat, that's why I don't think it's
a small dog. I call it Spooky. My wife has opposite work and sleep
hours as me and says she's never felt it yet. I guess it just loves me.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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