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You didnâ??t even bother to explain all this to me till now

Repeating oneself too much or... not

by asserra

The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.
ANNA: Albert, I asked you to issue those invoices on my behalf, and now, because of you, I am losing that 15%, the tax withholding.
ALBERT: What are you talking about? That 15% is the income tax withholding that goes to the tax man.
ANNA: But... my brother says that they refund the money to you later. You are seizing it. That is my money and you are seizing it.
ALBERT: I see... that is what your brother has told you... He must be a real tax expert. The tax authorities withhold this money on account of the future tax return. It has nothing to do with this money being return to me by the tax authorities. After the tax return they will ask for more money, on top of that 15%. To be honest, I would have thought that you, at 35, would know there is something called “taxes”. Before it was our parents who paid taxes (“This road is built by the Government with the money my parents pay in taxes”, we used to say when we were kids), but now it is our responsibility, as we have grown up (you are 35 and I am 40). Can you really not understand that when a company or a professional earns money (sells products and/or services) the Government wants its piece of the pie? If not, what is the tax man living on?
ANNA: Ok, now I get it... but you didn’t even bother to explain all this to me till now!!!!!!!!
ALBERT: Didn’t I? You and I only spent 5 or 6 hours together, in front of my computer, at my office, on a Saturday night (when most people are dancing at the club or making love with their significant others), going through the whole invoicing and tax-related process, right from the beginning and right till the end, step by step, document after document, one stage in the process after the other, with sample invoices, tax forms and bookkeeping records, and also case studies. And with obsessive compulsive repetition of the process (by me).
ANNA: Oops! Well... Mmm... I see... (...)
ALBERT: To be honest, Anna, you’ve gotten me really riled up. You probably wouldn’t find a single company or businessman in the whole city, our city, willing to invoice somebody else’s jobs, just to do them a favor. And now you have the cheek to complain I am not paying your taxes out of my own pocket and you even seem to accuse me of seizing your money. And your memory-related skills seem to be rather feeble. People tell me: “you repeat yourself very, very much, too much in fact… this leads to people thinking you are an insecure guy, specially from a female’s point of view”, but eventually, as per my (repeated) experience, it seems I do not repeat myself enough. So… that is my dilemma… repeating myself too much or not repeating myself enough. Anyway… Shame on you.

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