Spiritual Poetry posted September 7, 2017

This work has reached the exceptional level
Touched by an Angel's wings!

Hello, Angel!

by Commando

Story Poem Contest Winner 

Hello, Angel!

The demon hissed, reared its ugly head, then bit
at my soul.  "God help me!" I said,
the hallway echoed my plea, and I beat my
fist into the wall until it bled.

The void in my mind burned like the fires,
in the pits of hell.
I screamed like a panther in the night, I
ran, stumbled then fell.

I lay on the ground,  my heart went bump,
sad tears ran down my face.
Reaching my arms toward heaven, I prayed;
"God! Take me out of this place."

"Sheee!  I'm sending an Angel your way."
"Sweet, Jesus! Is she really for me?"
"Of course,  and She's only 33 years old,
she's beautiful, can't you see?"

Oh, what an awesome thing you did, babee,
you kicked my demon's tail, walked
with me, sang a happy song, and whited-out
all the maybes.

No doubt, they'll be times in our life, when
the cross is hard to bear!
We shall walk "joined-at-the-hips" together,
and journey from here to there.

We will climb to the highest mountain top,
reach up and touch the Face of God!
Yes! Our love shall bloom forever,
like roses in their pods.

Look how close you're flying to the ground,
see your wings touching my heart?
May God keep the wind beneath them forever,
and may we never part.



Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any type and any length that tells a story.

Story Poem
Contest Winner


Back in August of 2016, I lost my wife with a blood-clot in her leg. I am still angry at God for taking her so young. What a void in my life. We were soulmates, and it literally broke my heart. Back sometime ago, I met an awesome writer who I call; "Angel" on FanStory. She has helped to "kick my demon's tail," and has become my Angel from God. It is an honor, that I dedicate "Hello, Angel" to "Angel!" A "Salute," to; avmurray for the artwork. As always, thank you for reading my work, "wherever you are!"
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Artwork by avmurray at FanArtReview.com

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