Supernatural Fiction posted August 27, 2017

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A mysterious door.

The Door

by Thomas Bowling

A Door Contest Winner 

Grant had moved into the house he purchased and was walking through it getting familiar with the layout. He stopped in the hallway and saw something for the first time.

He had never noticed a door there before. How could he have lived there for two days and never noticed a door that didn't seem to lead anywhere? He tried to open it, but it was stuck shut. He walked around the outside of the house, and there was no room on the other side of the door.

He went back inside and tried his best to open the door, but it was no use. When he turned the handle, it just spun as if there were no mechanics inside of it. This was a real mystery that demanded an answer.

Grant called a handyman. When he arrived, he examined the door. “Whoever installed this had a sense of humor. This isn't a real door. There are no hinges. I don't see a crack around the frame. You can't open it because it isn't real.”

“Then what's the purpose of it?”

“Beats the hell out of me. Like I said, I think it's a joke of some kind. Maybe whoever put it there was thinking of adding on, then changed his mind and left the door.”

“But you said it's not a real door.”

“Maybe he just wanted to see how a door would look there. I don't know. There are all kinds of wacky people in the world.”

Grant wasn't satisfied. He went to the building department and got a copy of the blueprint that was used to construct his house. He went through the prints, but there was no drawing of a door in this location.

He tried to contact the builder, but it seems the builder had closed his business and left no forwarding information. Probably a result of the recession, Grant reasoned.

The builder's file contained a detailed materials list. Every door in the house was accounted for, except this one. There was no record of it having been purchased.

Frustrated, Grand decided to remove the offending door. He approached the door with a cordless saw. As he began to cut, the saw stopped. He made sure the battery had a full charge, but the same thing happened. He plugged in a corded saw. When he tried to cut the door out, the saw stopped.

Grant came to realize that the door wasn't going to go away, so he lived with it. He got in the habit of giving the handle a spin whenever he walked by it. One day, he spun the handle and heard a click.

What's this, he wondered? That's the sound a combination lock makes when you turn it. Grant slowly turned the handle in the opposite direction. Another click.

Carefully, he turned the handle in the other direction. Each time he reversed direction, the handle clicked. Finally, the door began to creak open. All at once, Grant found himself sucked into a vacuum and traveling across time and space.

When he stopped, there was a blinding light. Grant's eyes adjusted to his surroundings, and he saw three suns. There was an orange colored sky. Grant didn't know it, but he had been transported to a parallel universe.

In the distance, he saw a house that was a duplicate of his own. He walked toward it. As he approached, he saw the door, just like his own. He walked to the side of the house and peered in a window.

He saw himself, trying to open the door.

Writing Prompt
Write a story that somehow includes the sentence: He had never noticed a door there before. Do not change the sentence.

A Door
Contest Winner
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