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the things that happen in bar on the wrong side of town

Karmic secrets of the universe

by Kelela

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
Leiana was sitting alone at the end of a long pock-marked wooden bar. The name was appropriate, Sneaky Pete's, what an irony this is she thought. She could barely remember the ride here, her hands were shaking and her stomach was tied up into knots. She looked at herself in the smoke smudged mirror reflecting bottles of cheap liquors; she didn't recognize the person looking back. This dump didn't even have Kraken, she had to order Bacardi Dark from the tatted bartender with a pierced tongue who looked as if she just got kicked out of the pick-up truck by her backwoods third-cousin boyfriend. Cigarette smoke languished in the air making a haze that the high speed fans by the door couldn't even begin to suck out. Of course, country music was the only choice on the juke box.

How the hell did I end up here she questioned herself; not just physically here but mentally in the state of mind she was in. She had just met with a man who promised to get rid of all of her problems. So she had slid over the bar an envelope fat with $1000 bills that she had taken from the safe of her lying, cheating, skank of a husband, Kenndol. He was so pretentious, such a peacock of a man, he changed the spelling of his name to seem more important than just a guy named Kennie.

So lost in thought Leiana didn't hear the little girl voice ask her if the seat was open next to her. As if it was the only one she could get, the dump was empty. She blinked at the bleached-out Barbie blonde with boobs slapping her chin and said, "no go ahead, sit down." "Oh, thanks so very much! I have never been in here before and didn't want to sit by myself." "I am just so excited though, I felt I had to come celebrate!" Blonde Booby Barbie was quivering through her skin-tight tank-top with the excitement she was raving about. "

Against her better judgement Leiana asked BBB, " so what has you so excited that you needed to come here to celebrate it?" "This is not the type of place one usually finds herself in to celebrate good news." BBB was practically jumping in her seat with the news that she shouted over the juke box, " I just got engaged, my man is so wonderful, he just gave me this." She stuck out her left hand with a little tiny diamond cluster ring shaped in a never-ending heart dangling too big from her skinny little ring finger. Leiana thought to herself, poor little thing has found herself a good-ole boy who doesn't even know her ring size. Leiana took a big drink of cheap rum and said, " well sweetie, looks as if you got yourself a catch, just be careful that he behaves."

BBB stopped her gushing and looked at Leiana with big blue eyes and asked, " honey, what has you down?" Leiana gave her the slant eye and leaned a little closer to those twin peaks of flesh and whispered, " I have decided to get rid of my skanky, cheating husband and I also found the tag number of the little tramp he's been cheating on me with, so I just paid a lot of my husband's money to man to take care of the problem for me."

BBB said' oh, honey I'm so sorry this is happening to you at your age." Leiana bristled at that remark and said, thirty-five is not that old, sweetie." " Don't worry about me because I will be getting all of that cheater's money when it's all said and done", as she swallowed her last drop of rum, slamming the glass down on the greasy bar. She looked over at the pretty young thing so excited about her new life to come and said, "come on sweetie, you don't need to be in here alone, I will walk you to your car."

BBB said, " you are so nice, shame on your cheating husband." " Yes, I am ready to go, thanks for walking out with me." " I was a little nervous leaving here alone, Kennie would be very upset if he knew." A cold shiver ran down Leiana's spine, even though the night was still dripping with humid heat. " Kennie is your fiance's name," she asked? About that time the young girl clicked her key ring and her car lights shown on the license plate BBBDD1, and she waved her skinny little fingers goodbye. BBDD1 was one of the license plate numbers written on the big fat envelope of money she had passed to the man with no name. The other was a vanity plate with KENDOL1.

As Leiana hurried away looking around for cameras in the dive bar's parking lot, noting there were none, she heard the noise. Blonde Booby Barbie went BOOM, she smiled in amazement at the karmic secrets of the universe. KENDOL1 should be next when he leaves his favorite gentleman's club. His money had bought the best hit man in town.

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