General Poetry posted August 28, 2017

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A soldier's pledge

Where Red Poppies Sway

by RGstar

Poem of the Month Contest Winner 
Where Red Poppies Sway
Red poppies sway as the sun bows its head to the freshening breeze
Bronzed, autumn too creeps as summer's frayed coat snags on gnarls of trees
The piper laments shorn lives of men, long asleep of cruel deeds
They'll not quiver of time, so remind how silent valour bleeds

A soldier I stand at dusk's first light mongst fellows, felled in fray
The stars themselves dress for sight as to honour cold stones of grey
Unopened my mouth, lest I shout, thus silent the words that bray
Yet would say, as death my door too mark..." not this day, not this day"

"For I would see seeds of your sacrifice bloom and rage come May
Hear your voices, with the lark and robin, sing a summer's day
Where skips the child in gentle song, as bright blossoms rouse in play
In salute stand, again to death say..."not this day, not this day"

So, come prance, you henchmen of Hades, I'll not fear your death brigade
We, of faith, courage abide, ne'er shall cower neath darkened shade
Wade, wade, wade into light, for dense the forest, so sparse the glade
There a moment ponder, times afore... the worth of life's first blade

Should then the Christ my steps embrace, so long buoyed of burdens borne
Refreshed of new sight, where no chaos or strife cavort or scorn
If true the scent of roses, of place where they who wait, adorn
I'll emit no cry, if but a sigh... succumb to gentle morn

...then, betwixt the twilight, this day, come bear me where red poppies sway
A last bugle would wish, if I may... in this valley, my body... lay

Poem of the Month
Contest Winner


Poppies grow from disturbed earth, therefore would bloom and spread throughout battlefields around bodies of the fallen, thus the association with remembrance and the significance of poppy fields and valleys.
The inspiration of this poem is owed to those present and past, especially the fallen, who with courage did their duty and beyond in securing our today with the loss of their tomorrows.

Poems, such as this, write themselves, though with time and care, we are just harbingers of the horror, chivalry, and bravery of that which is pased, but lest we ever forget, may this serve as one of the reminders. With this, and I know I speak for many, I say thank you.

Bray - to utter loudly or harshly

Life's first Blade = It's said fashioned from the jaw of a donkey. The 'First Blade' is said the weapon used by Cain to kill his brother Abel whilst Lucifer was trying to corrupt Abel, so that Abel's soul would go to Heaven. Man kills his brother, as then, as now.
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