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Reflections on my previous ANGRY POST

Dont hate: Isolate!

by His Grayness

Don't Hate: Isolate!
Each day, I pray for wisdom to be able to share through my writings. And yet, I sometimes get carried away with passion, some of which is delivered with anger, and even hatred. One such example is my somewhat recent post entitled "The insanity epidemic of America" in which I revealed my passionate dislike, disapproval, and outright hatred of the American Democratic Party and its members. After further reflection on this work, I realize that I had sent forth a cloud of potential harm to my reviewers as my own anger began to grip me once again. Then the reality of what I had delivered brought shame and remorse and I wish to share the wisdom taught from this with all of my readers in this new post entitled "Don't Hate: Isolate!
My mission is sincerely to help and enrich others with wisdom I have been blessed with from others and through my own life experiences. Perhaps the most challenging circumstance one can ever deal with is when they consider themselves being threatened in one form or another, and many of those "forms" are simply connected to the EGO, which is perhaps the most tender and vulnerable region of the human being, as it seems to maintain a potentially dangerous control center that makes the human "fight or flight" options we face, an authority of it alone. For these reasons, the EGO is a potentially dangerous element that demands wise management. Of course, either choice will likely raise one's blood pressure and create possibly other stronger negative physical reactions with the intention of dissolving the threat. Neither one typically presents much satisfaction! The only real and healthy satisfaction is to avoid the negative effects by achieving "ISOLATION" from the tempting anger and hatred by refusing to take the bait! So, taking my own advice, I've decided to ISOLATE from and ignore anything said, written, or done by the Democratic Party, and suggest to anyone who is disturbed or upset by any actions of any of our politicians, to simply CUT THEM OFF INTO ISOLATION! Don't vote for them, don't contribute to their party, don't watch or listen to their MEDIA! Don't read their NEWSPAPERS! Emails or direct mail! Make your choices of right and wrong based on YOUR OWN VALUES! Not those who do not share them! My wish and hope are for your PEACE AND GRATITUDE! HIS GRAYNESS :Vance


Hopefully meaningful advice from one who learned by error.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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