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Romance Renewed


by country ranch writer

It was springtime down on the ranch and everything and everyone one was in a hurry to get things done. Winter had been long, drawn out this year, everyone was getting on each other's nerves. Winter in Montana was now over. Everyone was eager to head out on the rodeo circuit again. They all had so much to be thankful for. Especially Matt, he would be traveling with a few of his buddies and he was happy to take them along for the ride. Saving money traveling together was a plus for them.

Callie was glad her Grandpa let her reside at his place during the winter break. Her assignments had been hit and miss at the magazine. With the rodeo coming back this way to Montana things were bound to pick up. She was hoping for the big assignment this year. Grandpa had bought the Ramblers Inn bed and breakfast a few years back. He told Callie she could earn her keep on her time off so they could spend more time together.

Callie like to dress in her comfort clothes as she called them, jeans and flannel shirt. She
was accustomed to wearing them as she waited on the guests. They didn't seemed to mind it. The Rambler was like an old friend, always there offering comfort and accepting folks for who they were.

The walls were decorated with rodeo star pictures and a collection of the accolades she had won over her mere eighteen years. Her Grandpa was so proud of her! She was a rodeo star and a writer for the western magazine. A big reputation for a mere slip of a girl. It was a true country setting for all to enjoy.

There were even pictures of her and Matt together hung on the back wall where they used to sit. For the life of her she couldn't remember why she never took them down. His picture just seemed to fit for some reason. Although their last meeting didn't end well, she blamed it on rodeo burn out. After her accident she quit rodeo and ended up writing instead of riding.

One morning she was helping her Grandpa out in the restaurant when she heard a bunch of Cowboys enter laughing and joking. As she turned around she stared at Matt and his friends as they asked for their usual table. He hadn't changed a bit with his tight fitting jeans and captivating smile.

She couldn't help teasing Matt. She said "You're moving too slow for a hungry man!"

Instead of showing his annoyance, he rounded the table, fascinated with the additions that had been added to the wall. He pretended he hadn't heard a word she had said. She handed him a beer and told him his supper was served.

" So how have you been?" he finally said, addressing her by her name.

"Do you have any plans for the weekend?" Matt asked her.

Just a quiet weekend here in the mountains with the phone turned off, no worrie,or any place to rush off too.
"For once I am living my dream life." Callie said a bit smugly.

Matt said, "Sounds wonderful, I haven't had time to enjoy time off."

Callie said, "Sorry. Guess family life can get in the way."

Matt smiled to himself as he told her, "No family or kids or anything like that if you were wondering."
The guys started ribbing him reminding him he and Callie wasn't in the room by themselves.

Blushing Calilie said "I didn't mean to pry."

Matt chuckled and said, "Really you had no way of knowing. I have always preferred the single life until now."
Matt's next statement unexpected, made her smile when he declared,"She's still my gal so hands off."

I guess I ruined you're going to supper with me, just the two of us. "I best be going or we'll be late checking in."

"Wait up cowboy!" Did I just hear you were going to invite me to supper? Callie asked.

"I was trying to work up the nerve to ask you," Matt mumbled.

"You're on cowboy, don't be late!" Here tonight at eight our corner booth, table for two.

A broad smile crossed his face, he said, "Yes ma'am!"

A love rekindling in the works Matt said to himself, "I won't let her get away this time around'"

As Callie finished up her shift she set at their special corner thinking, well it was going to be hard keeping him at arms length. She still carried a torch for him even though they didn't part on the best of terms last goround. God help her she still loved him, maybe that was why she never took his pictures down.

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