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Delivering the pizza proved a little challenging

A chapter in the book The Two Pillars of Mars

The Delivery

by Mary-Kate

The scooter buzzed along and once he got to the security gate, he pointed to the pizza and expected the guard to take it, keeping in mind he was only to take 20min. The guard walked over and sternly asked "Are you De clan?" Declan nodded. "Take it to building Seven."
Declan learned along time ago, not to waste words when a body gesture would do and he nodded again. All the while he new Jack will be furious because this will probably make this trip 30min.
Declan went to drive the scooter through the gate.
"No you don't boy! Walk! Leave the scooter here!" The guard increased his tone to allow no misunderstanding.

As he walked through the gate Declan wondered how he knew his name, but it did not create any great mystery for him. Jack must have told them who to expect. Building Seven was to the rear of the complex and Declan walked through the automatic doors and to his surprise it was a large empty space. There was one door marked 'Staff'on the far wall, so he approached to knock. As soon as he crossed the floor an alarm sounded and he thought he was in trouble now! In his mind, he was questioning if he had come to the wrong building, so he turned to run. Before he had a chance to reach the door, a loud automated voice, like GPS in your car, only worse. "State your purpose" . Declan held up the pizza to the drone hovering above him. He thought it was pretty cool. "Step into the light" A bean of light flowed down to the floor, from an unknown source. Decln jumped back, there was no way he was doing that, he played this scenario out a million times on XBOX, you never step into the light! He slid the pizza along the floor towards the light and wanted to make a quick exit.

The pizza disappeared! Declan inclined forward, he did not believe his eyes. A strange shiver ran through his body, like a mild electric current. Everything went white, he closed his eyes, unsure of what this sensation was. He felt physically sick, he opened his eyes and his surroundings had changed! It smelt different, he felt different - disorientated, somehow back to front, upside down or inside out, he wasn't sure. He fell to his knees and lurched forward, vomited and looked up to see a huge military man, frowning at him.

"Don't have the stomach for it! No matter, you will get use to it." His heavy brow, wrinkled as he released his stare from Declan.
Declan was pulled to his feet by another two G.I. Joe types, one carelessly kicked the pizza box to one side. Declan was trying to piece together the process, of how he got there and where was 'there'?
"What just happened to me? Where am I? "
"Easy lad, Salamanda will fill in the blanks. I am Commander Carter, you can call me Commander, " he says with a smile.
From behind, a lyrical voice spoke. It gave him the creeps and he spun round. Salamanda was obviously female, human....he did not think so, but somehow alluring. The resonance of her voice was like nothing he had ever heard before. Her skin was iridescent blue, with minute sparkles of gold, that shimmered as she moved. Declan noticed the perfectly formed body, two arms, two legs, hands and feet. He scanned her from head to toe.

Declan's childhood memories were sparse and disjointed. His mother was beautiful but fragile. The years of heavy smoking and bouts of drinking, had taken her looks far too soon and she looked twice her age. Cindy said the best thing she ever did was having Declan. She was always looking over her shoulder and very suspicious of strangers. A social worker told Declan that she paranoid schizophrenic. They spent a lot of time avoiding government assistance. Cindy made Declan promise to not let them take her away. He cared for, and watched over her as she was the only family he had.
Growing up Declan never asked where their money came from, but they managed to get by. He imagined he had a father somewhere, who occasionally gave them cash. He knew Cindy had lots of secrets, but he lived in his virtual world, a world he could turn on and off, kill or be killed and get up and walk away. He had one treasured photo of his mum, a slender seventeen year old with auburn curls, cascading around her shoulders, with sparkly green eyes, wearing cheeky denham shorts with a fluro green T-Shirt, scrunched and knotted at the waist. Cindy looked happy and peaceful, an expression he had never seen in his life time. She would smile and look at the photo and say that was the day he was conceived, and her voice would fade away into the dark space she now lived in.
Declan never asked about his father and his mother never volunteered and information either. They had each other and she always told Declan that no matter what, her love was real. Declan never dwelled on things, but to present in the moment, and he never thought about the future or his past. He had nobody that he classed as a friend, although the three guys he shared with would slap him on the back and call him mate. Declan would smile and always bring home a pizza.
As a child he would dream a lot. Sometime he would be terrified to fall asleep. In his mind he would travel to exotic places, like nothing on earth. When he would wake, the dreams were like a shadow on his mind, that would linger, haunting him.
School was an optional extra, and when he did attend, Declan was awkward and found sitting in confines of a class room, extremely challenging. The noise of the other children made him agitated and he would escape to that place in his mind where nobody could touch him. The teacher would scold and ask him to leave if he did not participate.
Declan was brilliant with numbers and puzzles. His reading comprehension was off the chart and he didn't particularly enjoy reading. But he was no team player, and you could forget sports. His body was perfectly fit and balanced, but he never raised a sweat. In his mother's lucid moments, she would call Declan her little super solider. Declan functioned well enough in this world and knew how to navigate around people and the questions they would ask.
The day his mother left and he decided to stay, Cindy was calm and clear thinking. She had started keeping company with a man she met in a bar. It blossomed into romance rather quickly. Declan was suspicious but she happy and he was glad to have someone else to care for her. That was six months ago and had no idea where she went.
Declan didn't understand how trusting she had become, overnight practically. This clean cut guy she brought home looked clinical, very polite and she hung on his every word, like a trained puppy dog. Declan kept telling himself that this is what she wanted and needed.

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