General Poetry posted June 19, 2017

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Let's Relax

Get a Grip!

by MelB

Offense currently rules the nation
People are offended by everything you say
Politics will set them into a burning rage
Faith will send them into oblivion
rattling their cage within

There are terrorist shooters
all around the nation
Pornography and sex trafficking
are a billions yearly operation
Drugs are flooding across the border

Alcohol is over consumed
People drive like bats out of hell
and road rage rules the land
Everyone is mad at someone
Can't seem to understand

The world is spinning out of control
We've got to get a grip
We've got to take hold
But what is the answer
to this unsolved mystery?

Is love the missing link?
Could forgiveness play a part?
Maybe, stop looking at others
And search our own heart
We've got to get a grip!


I feel like everything I say, do, or post on here or Face Book just get people all in a tither! Let's all get a grip and relax a little. Of course, it's not just with me, it's going on all over the world.

I've said it before, but I will say it again, when you take offense, you are taking the bait of Satan! He wants to keep everyone stirred up, mad, hating each other, killing each other - that's his MO! Don't take the bait! If you have, spit it out and forgive. You'll be glad you did. I fell for it for many years. I still work at it, but I'm much better now.
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