General Fiction posted June 1, 2017

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A girl who grows her boyfriends Bonsai tree out the window

Bonsai fall

by oliver818

Minuscule granules of dirt left the stem and fell in time with the spinning pot. Sunlight gleamed off a drop of water on one of the leaves as the bonsai tumbled towards the ground. The air surrounding the landing zone filled with shards of pottery and lumps of spinning soil when the pot disintegrated.

Feeling the twang of bonsai shrapnel in her legs, an old lady leapt back. Her eyes widened as a young man in front of her fell to his knees. His fingers dug into the dark, stringy, soil-laced roots of the bonsai.

"No, no, no, not my Bonsai," shouted Jim.

"Yes, take your Bonsai, too. You care more about that thing than you do about me. It's over between us." The voice of Lilly, his now ex girlfriend, echoed down from high above on the sixth floor.

"What has she done to you?"

Earthy-smelling sap oozed from tiny, mashed leaves as his fingers caressed the splintered branches. Tears fell, his head flew back and a terrible howl filled the street.

"Bonsai, oh Bonsai, how cruelly you've been dragged from this world. How many years have I trimmed, pruned, snipped and shaped you? So many, more than I care to think about. You have become my reason for being, ever since my mother gave you to me as a graduation present. Hold on, little guy, I think can save you."

A terrible ripping sound filled the air as his fingers tore at the collar of his t-shirt. It fell away from his body, and he gently placed the fractured pieces of bonsai onto it, wrapping it tightly.

"It's going to be okay."

The tiny leaves scratched at his chest, his heart pumped and people leapt aside as the plant-carrying maniac pushed his way through the afternoon crowd.

The door to the Happy Tokyo Bonsai Shop burst open, and the t-shirt-bound tree landed on the counter with a bang.

"Help me, it's dying."

Thick glasses flipped back over bald scalp. A fat finger poked at the pulverized mass of tree and soil.

"Nope, it's already dead. If you want, I can give you a two-for-one deal on some specimens newly arrived from Japan. You are my best customer after all."

Jim's eyes overflowed.

"No, it's ok. Thanks anyway."

Dying Houseplant writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
A houseplant is dying. Tell it why it needs to live.
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