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by Cogitator

Creating the Dream

Most of us will get to a point in life where we ask ourselves: "What's all this about?" or "What is the meaning of Life?" This normally does not occur until we have satisfied our youthful exuberance for life and social interaction. Wouldn't it be great to know what we are and why we are experiencing consciousness on Mother Earth?

There's no question that our consciousness as human beings resides in an animal body with all the basic needs of every animal. Like all animals, (indeed all organic life,) we borrow atoms from Mother Earth to create our form until the time comes to give them back to her. To give credit to any other entity for putting our atoms together in a cohesive and intelligent form is illogical, in my opinion.

Nikola Tesla is probably the most impressive genius of all time. He spoke eight languages fluently and could recite a book word for word immediately after he read it. Even Einstein credited him for being a greater mind than his own. Edison, Marconi and Morse sucked off his inventions and gained fame, fortune and prestige from Tesla's works and ideas. One of the best quotes Tesla coined to understand life is:

"If you want to understand the universe, think in terms of frequency, energy, and vibration."

As human beings, we are given five senses to experience our condition. The sixth sense is the element of balance, or intuition, which is awareness of being alive. While we develop, the five physical senses give us an idea of what is tasty, beautiful, harmonic, and natural during our stay as a human. Many will remain in this state without questioning why they feel what they feel.

People who remain in an animal state are not to blame. Those in power know how to manage the ignorant. In fact, their purpose is to keep people in ignorance. If everyone knew the truth, there would be no need for government. Whether you are willing to admit it or not, you are perfect. You must be to be alive and conscious and so-called leaders are not the reason for that. The phony beliefs and values you have been convinced to think as true is the reason why the current administration is in Washington.

One difference between human beings and the rest of the animal kingdom is the development of the brain. We are the dominant species of the planet, not because of our superior thinking ability, but because of being able to believe things that are not true. If truth ruled, all corporations would be non-profit, war would be outlawed, no person would be ignored or judged, and everyone would be treated as a family member.

Our brain is bicameral-two chambers. Generally speaking, our left hemisphere is digital and our right hemisphere is analog. With all due respect to Tesla, his quote may be omitting Amplitude. There is no question that our left hemisphere breaks down the energy striking our form in terms of frequency, but it cannot be ignored that our analog side affords amplitude. Frequency gives us the concept of time and number, but amplitude defines the value and size of the digital message we receive. If you use a radio, you may know that AM/FM means amplitude modulation and FM means frequency modulation. That is how we as human beings receive our understanding of what we experience. We are radio receivers of the universe we envision.

I started programming computers in 1963. I know we are all programmed, including me. What differentiates me from most others is awareness. I will not react to stimuli I do not recognize. I will investigate why I do not understand a stimulus. The difference between creation and reaction is the sequence of their letters and to react without thought is a huge problem for me and society. Without critical thinking, we are slaves to others' thoughts. If you download apps into your smartphone, you have to know you are downloading someone else's thoughts into your universe. Choose wisely.

"Learn to see, everything is connected." Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo was not the only one who understood the connectivity of universal consciousness. Gauthama Siddartha, Carl Jung, Einstein, Newton and others all knew that there cannot be a disconnect of any manifestation in the universe. In fact, Einstein's equation of the Theory of Relativity shows that all forms are manifested from energy, including us. All systems and forms must be connected to exist at all. Anyone who thinks they are "special" or "different" doesn't understand we are all meant to blend in and participate in creating a harmonic life for all. The ego is the culprit and is the fly in the ointment that prevents truth from emerging.

Ego is an artificial construct that can be cajoled, hypnotized and made to do unnatural acts, like going to war, competing, believing lies and judging itself as "better than" other egos. It is the source of all ills on this planet and must be understood before effective change can occur globally. Ego is necessary for us to interpret our worldly experience, but it is not effective in making decisions because it is selfish.

Every decision made by the ego will make us suffer the consequences of being ignorant. Ego is a hoarder. It wants to hold on to things when there is no such thing as "things." It focuses on material when nothing is material.

"We should stop kidding ourselves. It's always better with the truth." Bucky Fuller.

The corpus callosum sits between the left and right hemisphere and allows us to think about what we feel and allows us to create new thoughts from our feelings. Einstein's corpus callosum was much larger than the average brain, probably because he was constantly exercising it. This is where our creativity has its source. As a radio receiver, we are bombarded by energy and interpret it in terms of frequency and amplitude to create our vision of our universe. That universe is defined by our understanding of what we are. Ego will "tune in" to those frequencies that appeal to its character, just like a radio tuner. Those who continually tune in to the same programs will miss out on the scope and breadth of life itself.

Supreme Being is a verb not a noun." Bucky Fuller

There are only three elements to our consciousness -- Time, space and understanding. The concept of time is created by our left hemisphere because it breaks energy down into digital interpretation and space is created by the analog interpretation of wave "size" from the received energy.

There is no other time but NOW -- yesterday and tomorrow are simply projections of our imagination. Space is created by our Point of View, from which we contemplate what we envision as our universe. The view is constant truth and does not change because our point of view changes. The last element of consciousness -understanding, is what we all need to work on to see the totality of being.

We have access to the universal consciousness. It would be illogical for us to gain awareness of being conscious and losing that awareness. What then would be the purpose of consciousness? We can all create the future we desire. Since it is always Here and Now, death is nonexistent. Understanding is what we need. Everything we experience is based upon broadcasting thought and receiving the echo of those thoughts. We are always looking in a mirror. Our universe is what we think. We are not mere animals. We are creators.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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