General Fiction posted May 27, 2017

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A man reaches in to save a trapped cat and gets a surprise

The beast in the bushes

by oliver818

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

Thick, fragrant bushes littered the garden, filtering sunlight into varied shadowy forms on the grass. The leaves barely moved in the windless evening air. However, one bush did seem to be shaking, rustling it's delicate, elongated leaves. As I peered down, a visceral growl filled the air and a claw slashed out towards me.

"Jenny, come help me, I think your cat is stuck in some wire out here," I shouted towards the house.

"I'm coming."

Hesitant to put my hand into the mass of whipping claws, I tried to find another way to reach the poor animal. Wrapping my jumper around my wrist I reached in. A claw caught me higher up the arm, slicing deep, releasing a river of blood.

"Fuck. Jenny, where are you? Your cat is going nuts."

Hearing only the deep growl of the cat, I slowly reached around, slipped my fingers under the wire and pulled. A roar filled the air, and my body flew back, my head cracking onto the edge of the path. Huge teeth in a gaping cavern stared down at me; foul, meaty breath flowed over me and everything went dark for a moment.

"Oh my God, John, are you okay?"

"Yeah I think so. What was that?"

"Well, I'll tell you one thing, that wasn't my cat you were trying to rescue, it was a baby lion, John. How could you be so stupid as to not recognize a lion cub when you see one? Didn't you hear about the lioness and the cub who escaped from the zoo yesterday?"


"Well, luckily my neighbor has a tranquilizer gun he uses for his horses and he was able to take the lioness down before she bit your head off. But next time, be more careful."

"Careful? I'm never helping any trapped felines again."

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MAX words - 300
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