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This work has reached the exceptional level
What inpires me to write


by Margaret Snowdon


As an ardent reader, I find it wonderful escapism, and can never pass over a word without wanting to know its full meaning. As for writing, I did a little in my school years, and my first published work was a poem in the school magazine. As I became older, although I secretly longed to write, I never had time in my busy life as a wife, mother of four, and my work as a secretary and wage clerk.

     Poetry has been the star of my adoration, affording me a serene and steady light through the darkest portion of my existence. William Wordsworth has always been a favourite poet of mine. Through his work, I saw how beautiful, complex, passionate and probing poetry could be.

     That which inspires me to write is some touch of beauty, and nowhere is it so abundantly apparent as in nature that shares its splendour and grace. When watching the golden sun fall asleep in the dusk, or listening to the whisper of the breeze in tall grasses, and the rustle of leaves in the majestic trees, to the rhythm of a falling shower of summer rain, gladness washes over me. It filters through my senses as I welcome it with an open heart, inspiring me to take pen in hand.

     I am filled with wonderment when I walk by a field where a myriad of joys and jewels are on display: blue scabious, purple knap-weed, scarlet poppies, and tall horse daisies mingling their colours with the ripening corn. There, the sounds of life can be heard: the lowing of cattle; the bleating of sheep, the joyful chattering of birds; all in perfect harmony with the tranquil aspect of the scene.  To see the hedges festooned with trails of fluffy, old men's beard and traveller's joy, or to simply lie on my back to look up at soft, puffy clouds floating in the dome of heaven--all gives me inspiration.

     When the rain glistens on my brow, I take simple, quiet pleasure and comfort from the tranquillity that lifts my spirit. Beauty can be as robust as a drum roll of thunder, as tinkling as a child's sweet laughter, a smile on my beloved’s face when his eyes meet mine across a crowded room, or the perfection of a single blushing rose. Feeling the fragrant, pulsing breeze of twilight drink deeply of anxieties and emotions, with the soft fluctuations of nature all around, simply makes my pen take flight with elation - free-verse or rhyme - whatever the mood.

     Beauty awaits in the waves on the shore patiently hushing the golden sand to slumber, in a strain of music that moves us to the verge of tears, or a waterfall tumbling from the rim of heaven, in the veins of a leaf, or the exquisite geometry of a snowflake. All are inspirational, firing the imagination and compelling me to write while still fresh in my mind. It is here, now, in this fleeting fragment of time, in the frost-coated branches of the trees etched against a winter dawn, in a summer sunset, or the proud magnificence of snow-topped mountains, and the intricate beauty of a fragile, dew-spangled spider's web.

     What sights to the eye - all recipes of inspiration. I look, feel, and listen. The more closely I look and the more heedfully I listen, the more deeply I feel ready to face life, not as a confrontation, but as an adventure. Our days are not just for passing through but for living in.

     Who has not seen in the glimpse of early pink in the dark bracken, or in the slight quiver of grass in the wind some breviary of their own briefer passage, and has not deemed their life to be as the simple skimming of a sea-gull over the spray?

     Seek inspiration while you may. Each of nature's fragments, no matter how large or small, no matter how strong or fragile, harmonizes with the universal whole, yet manifests a loveliness of its own.  Beauty is all around, if only we pay it heed and give it time, it will share with us its grace. Don't overlook its presence or undervalue its dearness because it bears no price tag. You can no more buy it than the soft smile of spring, or a bright sunbeam.

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