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The Fight


by country ranch writer

While my husband fights Cancer, were reminded that we must stay positive in life. As with most folks we're unprepared for the worst. The fight we were facing was going to be a long one. No end in sight only death.
Cancer is possibly one of the most unfair things to happen to a loved one. This was suddenly happening to us.

It felt like our whole life was turned upside down in slow motion. Only up thing we had going for us was that we were not alone in feeling this tragic experience. The fight we had in front of us was going to be a tedious one.

Having stage four lung, liver, and bone disease, with no surgery we had to stay positive in every way. Having to go through the Chemo treatments and losing his hair has made us realize it is what it is. We must make the time he has here on earth the best experiences possible.

Watching the sun come up in the mornings and the sunsets at night make us closer to God in thanking him for each day we are able to awake each day in each other's arms.

I have written this to remind all of us we are all heroic in our own way and life is so unpredictable. We are put here on earth as an insperation to others as well. It all can be taken away in a blink of an eye.

Cancer is not a kind disease for our children to have to face on a daily basis may they all be blessed with a heroic survival. It hits young and old alike, it discriminates against no one, anyone can get it. Have you ever wondered how you would react to an illness like this? What would your reaction be?

Chances are we all have had to deal with our own emotions during the worst of times. All we can do is take things one day at a time and thank God we are still here to enjoy it. Many seem to blame God for the illness and their marriage not withstanding the hardships it causes along the way.

People are resentful because they can't be free to party or have sexual relationships with their spouse. They feel so neglected. To me this is being selfish and self centered. Love is supposed to be a till death do us part. No one stays together anymore, no one wants to comitt to being a caregiver. People have become so soft and lazy over the years.

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Cancer is a threat to all of us, in this world of ours.
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