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The beauty of life

Beautiful Eyes

by Vijay Kumar V

Dear God,

People say Your name dances on our lips only at times our feet stumble and our eyes look at the sky in helplessness. But I have never asked You for anything and such is my mother's love towards me. But today I write this to You in blood gushing off my slit wrist.
"You have beautiful eyes", says everyone. But they don't know You have forgotten to light them up with sight, until my walking stick unfolds to beckon my way.
Sunrise and Sunset makes no difference for all I see is no color, my mother told me it's called dark. In curiosity I asked her about the hue of colors and dripping tears on my hands tell me that I have asked the wrong question. To tell You I have an ocean of such questions and I believe You knew all of them. Every time there's a power cut she warns me to stay at my place till she lights up a candle and this time I believe I asked her no question but still she weeps.
I wonder why she rubs my cheeks consoling me not to cry but it's not me who cries every time and I never understood why I should cry. But today will be the last day my mother sheds her tears and her face shall blossom with smiles from tomorrow.
Wait. Smile? She may never cry but how will she smile without me? What a foolish thing I have done, I could feel my heart beat waning. For the first time I ask You for the precious of all times and that's time itself. Buy me a few more minutes and it's time my mother will be back home from office. And I know once she's home she will not loose me at any cost.
"Chinni....Chinni.....", this is my mother. For now I hear her voice, then I'm sure I'm lying safe on the hospital bed. I could hear the doctors say I'm fine and all I need is some rest. This is a new life You have given me again and the cophony of sounds I hear everyday are now so pleasing to my soul.
Wah! I could feel the sunshine in the chirping of birds and now every thing's making a difference in life. I feel the wafting scent of soil ," Amma, Is it cloudy outside?", I asked my mother. "Yes,"she smiled and this time she's not weeping. May be she has read the letter and finally I don't know if my letter has reached the You or not but it did reach my God I daily hear. 

For my hand is still numb to write, let me complete the letter I have left unfinished in words rather in writing and now I understand your wavelength. Our voice modulates to your frequency only when we talk to you in the language of heart.

Mahadev, I will be ever grateful to you for this life and my beautiful eyes, for every day I play the blind man bluff game with my mother. 

Dear God, writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a letter to God expressing your most pressing concerns and/or questions believing with all your heart and soul, that He will receive, read and answer you. Your letter does not necessarily have to be be a request. Just a sincere heart to heart will do.

Prose only.

1. Amma: In Telugu, it means mother/ mom.

2. Chinni: In India it is one of the nicknames used to address children.

3. Mahadev: Lord Shiva

Thanks for reading.
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