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Tables Are Turned

Cowboy Caviar

by country ranch writer

Best Served Cold Contest Winner 

Jackson was known in his circle of high class friends as a pretty cool guy. He was always embarrassing his girlfriend. Sally Jo vowed one day she would get her revenge. She would have the last laugh sooner than she thought.

Jackson came home all excited about being promoted out to the Texas office. It was a big feather in his cap, he'd been wanting this job his whole life. They were so busy getting settled in Texas she had almost forgotten about his bad habit. Yep, embarrassing her in front of his new staff and friends. Well this is one time he was going to be on the receiving end. She had one advantage over him he never had eaten Prairie Oysters before. While waiting for their table Jackson had consumed a few too many whiskey sours.

After finally being seated in the middle of the restaurant people were beginning to be uncomfortable around his group. The waiter finally got around to showing up to take their orders. Everyone except Jackson had ordered steak, potatoes, a side salad, rolls and coffee. He says real loud we'll then, "I will have a large platter of Prairie Oysters. His smart ass had no clue what he'd just ordered! "

Everyone looked over in Sally Jo's direction, she just smiled sweetly at them. Turning to Jackson, She asked, Are you sure this is what you want? His face turned red and he blustered,"Stay out of my business! " She shrugged and pretended to look at the paintings on the wall.

Being a country girl herself, she knew what Prairie Oysters were! Also known to some as Rocky Mountains Oysters they were a far cry from oysters from the sea. "We'll see if he has the balls to eat them! He,he, They claim they are even good cold!"

Jackson was so hungry when his plate came he about jerked the plate out of the poor girls hands. Sorry, he slurred. He began eating like a wolf tearing into the meat on his plate. He kept mumbling,"These were the best oysters he'd ever had." No bull," he said.

They were all looking from one to another and back and forth till they just could' hold it in any longer.
"everyone's busted a gut pointing and laughing at him."

Oh! They were a bit chewy but other than that they were great,Jackson sputtered. "What the hell do you find so funny?" He demanded to know!

Several of the men took him aside as they headed to the bathroom and explained to him what he just ate and he turned green around the gills. His own nuts started to hurt as he rushed into the bathroom to get sick. He was in there for quite awhile, when he came back to the table Sally Jo was gone and the waiter gave him a note from her.

You embarrassed me for the last time, now how does it feel in return?" Good bye. Signed Sally Jo.

Oh! Revenge is so sweet she thought to herself walking back to the hotel to pack her bags. She was gone when he got back. This time for good.

Writing Prompt
Write a flash fiction tale of REVENGE. Maximum 800 words. This can be in any genre and can range from a light-hearted prank to a murderous act of vengeance. Clever twists and irony encouraged.

Best Served Cold
Contest Winner
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