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I'm Going to Tell Teacher-Part III

by michaelcahill

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recap: In acts I and II we discovered that Michael has apparently passed away, unknown to him. He has now moved on and is being questioned by his sixth grade teacher who is there for no reason he can figure out. The questions and answers are producing surprises for Michael. Events in his life may not be exactly as he remembered them or claims them to be. We continue now as Michael finds an apology is in order:

Fade in

Michael stands intending to address Old Lady Bickersfield. His eyes are watery and his entire demeanor is one of shame and defeat, slumped shoulders, bowed head from which he peers with half-closed eyelids.
Ms. Bickersfield, all I can do is apologize. I was a stupid kid. I didn't know any better ... I was foolish ... and, well, I guess foolish is something that stayed with me because ... Hey, where is she. She was sitting right there. Where did she go?

She's not there, Michael. These are memories. This is what you remember but you have never stopped to consider your memory. You don't stop to consider often, no?

I wouldn't say that, but then, you wouldn't tell me that were it not so. I was a kid you know. One of a class full. I thought she was mean to me. Was there nothing she did wrong? Wasn't there some fault on her part?

What does that have to do with you?


Michael opens his mouth, but nothing comes out. Square dance music fills the room and a scene he recalls from the seventh grade unfolds before him. The teacher is asking for volunteers to couple up and learn square dancing. She is looking over the boys and expecting one or all of them to stand and pick a partner. The boys are reluctant. It's 1964. The Beatles and Stones are cool and so are they. Square dancing wasn't cool and asking girls to dance was quite new and scary activity. Michael stood up, alone, and walked to the front of the seated group. He looked at a plain girl named Dora and asked if she would like to dance. She smiled broadly, greatly surprised, and accepted his chivalrous invitation. At that point the stage went black.

Quite the dashing young man, and charitable too. Dora wasn't exactly the darling of the seventh-grade class. That had quite an impact on her life. It was a turning point though you weren't and aren't aware of that. She moved soon thereafter with her family to Wisconsin. You haven't thought of her to this day. She thought of you, however, and the thought of you gave her a great deal of confidence. You changed her life. What made you choose her when any one of those gals would've jumped at the opportunity?

Well, I don't know about that. I thought it would be a nice thing for her. I knew she wasn't one of the in crowd. She was quiet and blended in, kind of a wallflower I suppose. I guess I was part of the hip crowd. Just seemed like a nice thing to do.

Aww ... well, aren't you a sweetheart, a true knight in shining armour, a saint among men, a prince on a white horse, shall I continue?

I wouldn't go that far. Just a nice gesture, no big deal.

Yes, it was and that was part of the reason. I'll give you that. Now, tell me the rest of the reason. Have you even told yourself? Or is knight in shining armour the story you regale yourself with too?

I already said, I don't take it like that ... just a little thing really, no big deal.

Wow. The first one up. Weren't you a little scared? What if you got turned down? I know you were sweet on Laura, why didn't you ask her? Cold feet?

A chicken walks by clucking loudly.

Hey, it's just a chicken, I didn't invite her. You shouldn't take any inference from her at all.

So, what are you saying? Was I a little nervous going first? Sure, I was. But I wanted to. I wanted to be the one to go first. I DID want to chose Dora. I wasn't worried about Laura turning me down. Well, maybe I was a little, but so what? The main thing was, go first and give Dora a little boost. What in hell could be wrong with that?

Hell? Hmmm ....

Janice opens a notebook and scribbles furiously while Michael looks on with big eyes.

Wrong? Well, being honest. Honesty is a good thing, yes? You know we're big on that around here.

Janice jumps up and faces the back of the stage. She has a little hat on and a clipboard in hand.

Bernie! Run the square dance scenario again. And for GOD'S sake, add some pizzaz. You're putting us to sleep here. Okay ... extras in place. Cue music ... and ... ACTION!

The scene is quite a bit more garish this time. The class is at a huge get together. The smell of BBQ is in the air. Guns are being fired into the air by drunken cowboys and the musicians are wailing on their instruments. The caller is colourful to say the least, "Swing yer partner round and round, throw her in the toilet, flush her down. Grab that lassie spank her butt, if she slaps ya back she ain't no slut."
Michael rises from a small group and strides to the front of the gathering. His hat is on fire and beams of light pierce the sky from his eyes. Several women feint as he walks by.

Lady Dora, wouldst thou dancist withiest meeth?

Michael spins on his heels and winks at the crowd. He turns back to Dora and extends his hand. Dora rises from the ground as fairies sprinkle her with glittered dust. Her grey ankle length dress transforms into a golden sequined gown flowing as though in a breeze. The crowd is delirous and cheering wildly.

Why thank you, my Prince. I have been transformed into a new creature. Dora is gone, Dorabelleringadingding is born!
Cut! That's a wrap folks. Beef jerkey and black coffee, as much as you can drink, no charge at Chuck's wagon. Well, Michael, quite a show. You are something, I'll give you that. But, there's another scenario I'd like you to see. Bernie. Set the stage.

The stage goes black. As the lights come up we find Michael peering out from a cave. He's covered in dirt and drooling. He crawls to a small group of young students listening to square dance music. A kindly looking lady stands before them and speaks: "Who will be first?"

I will. I will Misseses Barnaclackeses.

He slithers forward from the group who parts the way for him, repelled by the smell and sight of him. The girls recoil and hide behind each other for fear he will chose them. Dora takes pity on him. Her heart knows no limit to kindness. Even a wretch like this deserves his moment in the sun.

I chose ... Dorrrrrasasas
Why thank you so much, kind sir. It would be my pleasure.

The crowd whispers amongst itself in awe of her selfless gesture. They feel shame for their selfishness. The glory of her act spreads across the Earth and peace reigns for a thousand years.

Thanksssssss ... my pleasureses tooooooo.

--To be continued--


Story of the Month
Contest Winner


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The picture has nothing to do with the story for those who happen to recognize who it is. Just for fun. I thought she looked like a typical grammar school teacher. (no, she isn't a typical anything. LOL)

Well, I'd say the deep end has been breached and new depths are being sought in earnest. ALL comments and help of any kind are appreciated. :))

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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