Children Fiction posted April 12, 2017

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A children's story.


by Thomas Bowling

Once upon a time, in Tadpole swamp, on the edge of Emerald Forest, there lived a small tadpole. This tadpole was very special. She told all of her friends that one day she was going to be transformed.

The other tadpoles gathered around and listened as she described the beauty that awaited her. One day her body would change. Her muddy brown color would fade and be replaced by pure luminescence. She would begin to glow and slowly be transformed from a bland tadpole into a beautiful goldfish. She didn't know when this would occur, but she knew it would be soon. Already she could feel her body changing.

Day by day she could sense something was happening. The other tadpoles scoffed at her, but she didn't care. Soon she would show them all. The change would occur and she would be the most beautiful creature in the swamp.

One morning she said, “Today's the day. I can feel it. Everyone gather around and witness my transformation.”

She began to thrash frantically around and appeared to be going into convulsions. Her friends rushed to help, but she shooed them away.

“It's just the change. It will soon be over.”

She swam around and began to kick. Kick? She thought. What's that? I've never kicked before.

A few more convulsions and the transformation was complete. She looked down to see her beautiful body and was shocked.

“Oh no!” she cried. “I'm a frog!!!”

The moral of the story is . . . I don't think there is one.

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