General Fiction posted March 24, 2017

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Night Predators

by frogbook

The wolf prowled through the trees, eyes watchful and sly, steps noiseless. Then it let out a long low growl.

The dogs ahead shivered, and began running. They could almost feel the wolf's hot breath and smell its acrid coat. They knew they would have little chance against this wild animal especially if it wasn't alone.

They ran all the way to the ranch house. Sniffing and whining they saw no sign of the predator. They gulped down the large bowl of water on the back porch.

"Boy, you fellas sure worked up a thirst. I just filled that. Come on in for a spell and I'll git ya a few table scraps," said the farmer.

Both dogs gratefully scarfed up the food. The man sat in his rocker reading the newspaper and the two dogs settled in by the fire.

Morning came, the dogs shot out the back door and ran to herd the sheep, barking and biting at their heels to move them to where the farmer needed them to graze. This morning the sheep seemed resistant to every signal the dogs gave.

"Go, round white ones, do as we say," the bigger of the two dogs growled.

"You're too bossy," an old ewe said.

"And too crabby," another piped up.

"The smaller dog barked, "We don't know what has gotten into you. You know we are the bosses."

"We'll, see about that."

"What does that mean?"

"Maybe we'll talk to the leader of the wolves."

The two dogs rolled over, laughing. "A sheep talking to a wolf?"

When night fell, the dogs patrolled the area warily.

Suddenly, the wolf appeared at the edge of the clearing steeped in shadow, but they could tell it was abnormally large.

A rasping growl emitted from the wolf, "Leave the sheep alone or I shall eat you both."

The dog's jaws hung open in surprise. "Why would you care about a sheep?"

"I owe them a favor," the wolf, growled.

"What kind of favor could a wolf, owe a sheep?"

A huge howl emitted from the wolf and the dogs cowered in fear. "That," he said, staring at them with cold eyes, "is not your business. NOW GO!"

The dogs ran yipping.

The next morning the two dogs gently herded the sheep, helping them if they lost their place, no growls, no nipping. When they arrived at the new pen, the sheep thanked them, and the dogs bowed their heads, then quietly returned to the farmer.

As soon as the dogs were out of sight, the sheep broke up in loud laughter.

"Trick works every time. Now those new dogs will know how to treat us."

A large ram growled in an imitation of a wolf and even gave a howl. The sheep cracked up.

The old ewe tossed the wolf skin over her back and crouched down, then she laughed and said, "Better get this back to the barn before the farmer notices. Nothin' like a sheep in wolf's clothing."


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Write a story where one of the characters is in a disguise.

A very silly story about a disguise.
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