Humor Poetry posted March 19, 2017

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Making Fun Of Others,Jeez!

Kennel Pups Snickering

by country ranch writer

New pups arrived while the hunters were gone.
They were placed in the training pens, fed, watered,
and they were told to settle down and get some sleep.
Wasn't long before they heard voices go by their own pens.

In walks a beautiful hound they look up and start snickering.
Making fun of the way he was dressed he was wearing boots.
Just like I said, boots, he was wearing boots on all four paws.
What are you some kind of freak? They shrieked all together.

They were laughing at the hound when he spoke up listen up
He says, this place is a hunting camp,you will all earn your supper.
Laugh and snicker all you want these boots keep me from freezing.
Keeps my feet warm and makes hunting birds even better to flush.

They were snickering as he walked away to go to his nice warm bed.
The hound settled himself down drifting off to sleep they'll learn he said.
Soon in came another hunters hound this one had on a boating water vest
Pushing and shoving they started snickering that he looked so grotesque.

"So what's your story?" The one pup said. He stopped snickering long enough to ask.
The reason I wear a vest is I ride in the boat and when I retrieve the ducks it keeps
Me warm on a freezing day like today and turns, curls up then goes to sleep.
Next morning everyone wakes up and goes about their daily mountain of tasks.

One day,the boss told them, " You all will become hunters wearing hunting gear
Then other pups will be making fun of you too and you won't like theirs sneers."
So mind your manners while you are here. Keep an open mind don't show fear.
We have been picked as the number one dog hunting camp in all of Montana this year.

Animal Opinions writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a humorous poem about one animal's opinion of another. Any style, rhyming or free verse welcome.
Have fun!
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