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A Single Act Changed His Life

by country ranch writer

Growing up my friend Jason was ridiculed and bullied because he was different than most kids. Jason had a learning disability,he was a slow learner. He was bullied by the older kids all through high school. One day, it got to where he hated to even wake up of a morning because he knew what was in store for him. He knew as soon as he stepped foot on campus he would be at their mercy.

One day he could take it no more. He mustered enough courage to confront the bullies. He used his brains instead of his fists. Some of the boys had brothers that had disabilities so he voulunteered to help them if they quit bullying him. Their brothers and sisters were all attending the school for the handicapped and they had a riding program. Jason offered his time in exchange for their word to leave him alone.

One simple act had a dramatic impact on his life and lives of others. By voulunteering his services it was a way for him to open up to others and share his riding experiencing with them. Jason told me it was a blessing in disguise for him.

The job offered Jason a chance to renew his trust in people and in turn show the children they too could put their trust in him. He helped the children get over their selfconcienceness of being disabled. The kids looked forward to Jason's being there every day. They were now more relaxed and comfortable with their disabilities. It gave them hope that people really do care about them. Jason was an insperation to others and he was proud of his accomplishment.

After finishing college Jason became a teacher, a veterinarian, and for awhile tried his hand at horse ranching. Yet he felt he was missing something in his life. One night he sat down and took a real good look at his life and asked himself,"when was he the most happiest in his life?"

He took down the scrap book from his years as a counselor with the kids teaching them how to ride. The pictures brought back so many happy memories. Yes, that was what he was missing, the faces of the children and their laughter.

Yes, that was just what he would do, he was going to open his own handicap riding facility. His ranch was transformed into just what the kids would need to ride. They even hired a nurse and several other hands to help with the horses. Jason was once again happy with his life and contient to help the kids feel at home while there at his ranch. Because the cook supplied the kids with sandwiches, milk, and home made cookies the kids called him "Cookie."

On weekends he held meet and greats with the community so the people could see how the children had adjusted to their disabilities. The people were eager to see the children loved being there and how they flourished under his care.

Jason married Maggie a girl we'd known growing up and she loved him dearly. They were so happy the ranch was a big success. Maggie asked Jason if they could expand the ranch to open up riding for the underprivileged kids in the community. He was delighted with the idea and the community was all for it. It would be their way of life for the next thirty years.

Jason has kept me informed of what had transpired over the years and I just had to share with you all his accomplishments by overcoming his run in with the bullies.

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