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Let's Find Out What his Thoughts Would Be

Would George Fit In Today's World?

by country ranch writer

What if George Came Back? Contest Winner 

What if we could bring George back to live in our future? What do you think he would say? Would he be pleased or displeased?

I don't think George would be to surprised. He was a very bright man and he forsaw a big and bold vision for America. He felt we had the tremendous and natural resources at our disposal then and now.

George was a man ahead of his time. He had the early vision of what people of today call street smarts. That's right for the man had to think on his feet. I think he could definitely be linked to the 21st century.

George, would encourage free enterprise, and be supportive of rapid growth and expansion.He would make it a point to understand our new system of Government and would continue to support free enterprise.

George believed in America and once said, "We had a government which could withstand any crisis we had to face."

In his day he was seen as the endensable man, like the Americas version of Moses if you will he was the father of the country. Why you ask? American people trusted him because he had demonstrated a noble and incorruptible character,he came across as an exceptionable leader.

There are many things the world could learn from him about our daily living and in regard to our country.
George would be disappointed by today's political environment. Yes, he would be surprised by the chain of events our nation has gone through and survived.

George would be amazed with the advancements in science and industry. Medicine has come a long way over the years. Just think in today's world he could have gotten proper care for his teeth. With proper medical care he may have been able to get medical care for his health also.
It is amazing how far the technology has come over the centuries since George was Here last..

There were thugs on the wharfs and water fronts,and all through out the country. So I think he would be surprised of the riffraff that is ruining our country in America.

If the United States had listened to his warnings it would have turned out to be a happier and prosperous society today.

It is not the least bit unusual for others to wonder what George might think of our nation. After all he had a hand in creating it. I don't think he could grasp and comprehend the nations modern war changes our nation has gone throughout though in the military today.

The military and politics of our nation was not his first love. His first love was his very expansive place called Mount Vernon.

Just think where would we be today if our Founding Father didn't fight to protect and maintain our liberties? He did not hesitate on issues presented to him on the issues near and dear to his heart. It was done immediately to enable structure, boundaries, to enable the persuit of life, liberty and justice for all.

George would not be happy at all the way the the world has turned out today. He most likely would be shaking his head and wondering what this world was coming to. Was the nation he created now in danger of wars to come? Was mass weapons of destruction going to wipe out the world?

Now that Obama is gone from office, will Trump be able to be as dedicated as George and put or nation back on the right track again? Can he put money back into social security? This money was never supposed to be used, it was supposed to protect your our elderly.

Can Trump help us with paying our co-pays and tests we can not pay for because our insurance won't cover themThey say we make to much for welfare yet we do not get enough to pay our bills and get medicine and medical help for our families living on our middle class retirement check.

What would George think of Obama being our President? Would he have been taken aback or do you think he would approve and say that we have come a long way over the years? What would he say about a woman running for President? After all back then a woman's place was in the home not stirring up trouble for people.

What would George think about women in the military or going to West Point? Would George be surprised about gays in the military also? Back then years ago it was don't ask don't tell situation. There are so many questions that run through our mind of how the Founding Father of our country would react.

How does he feel about the internet you ask? I think he would be a good advocate for exploring the world of the Internet.

The renovation of the original White House would really surprise him. I think he would fit right in with the high society folks up on the hill.

Although George used slaves on his plantation to his advantage he kept his promise to his workers. He had promised his own slaves that when he died he would make sure they were set free.
His wife played a big part during the time of slavery,she helped with the Underground Railroad.making sure the slaves got away from the torment of their masters. Slaves were treated worse than cattle back then, it was a horrible time even for the poor. There is so much to be thankful for in America today.
The problem with today's society is they don't want to move forward. The folks want to live in the past instead of improving themselves in today's society.
There will never be peace within our races until they can all sit down and come to terms with it.

What if George Came Back?
Contest Winner
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