General Fiction posted March 10, 2017

This work has reached the exceptional level
A strong bond and a mystical ending


by Thesis

Supernatural Flash Fiction Contest Winner 

I can remember lying in the field behind an old barn in North Dakota, calling for my partner, Zeek. There was at least six inches of snow on the ground and the blizzard had just started. Zeek and I were on the US Marshal's Warrant Squad, serving a warrant on a drug cartel enforcer, when all Hell broke loose and the suspect went on the offensive with an AR-15.

I was shot six times, each one missing my vest and causing massive bleeding in my arms and legs. My partner, Zeek sprang to action to defend me. He sprinted toward the suspect and jumped to attack him.

I heard five quick shots, and watched as Zeek fell to the ground like a stalled plane. Another Marshal fired one shot into the suspect's head and it became eerily quiet.

I crawled to Zeek who was panting heavily.

"Zeek, stay with me buddy."

I started crying when I saw the blood oozing from his chest and stomach. He turned his head when I reached him and licked my face. With my bloodied arms, I hugged my partner, trying to comfort him as we lay in the deepening red snow, our blood mixing beneath us.

"We'll get through this partner. Just hang in there, you'll be home soon and we'll get you all fixed up."

Zeek turned one last time and put his nose against my neck, while I rubbed his head. I heard a faint gurgle, and he went limp.

I must have passed out, because when I woke up, Zeek wasn't by my side. I saw him sitting up next to a beautiful woman whom I didn't recognize. As I was fading in and out of consciousness, I remembered a story my grandmother told me of this Princess who comes to the aid of animals who have been tortured, murdered, or have shown unconditional love for their master by placing themselves in harm's way.

I watched as she spoke to Zeek and caressed away his wounds. He looked like he did before he was so savagely killed.

The Princess stood silently and watched, while Zeek walked over to me and gave me one last lick on the face, a touching tribute to our bond, since I had nurtured him since he was a puppy.

I smiled as he walked away with the Princess, happy to know he was going to a better place. I could faintly hear the other Marshal's calling my name. I knew I would be reunited with Zeek very soon. I closed my eyes and saw myself running toward them.

Writing Prompt
The character in your story is involved in some way with the supernatural.

Supernatural Flash Fiction
Contest Winner

432 words

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