Western Fiction posted January 25, 2017

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Texas Ranger


by country ranch writer

Walker--He has taken leave to go to the badlands to think things out after a shooting gone wrong. Dallas, Texas was a fast paced town and a lot of crime to go around.

It was summer during this script writing and the sunsets were gorgeous. A perfect place for a perfect opportunity to try one's hand at writing a script.

CD Parker said,"Uncle Ray, used to say things can follow you, but running for the sake of running is sometimes good for the soul.

Trivette--"Walkers partner says he needs to think more like Walker. What would Walker say or do at a time like this? He kept telling CD he needed to find balance in his life."

Uncle Ray and White Eagle agree on one thing, and that is living in the past is not living. Time waits for no one and one must keep up with the times.

Trivette told CD when Walker got back he wanted to sit down and parley with him about his still being a bachelor. He has been hinting around about the one subject Walker has been avoiding talking about and that's marriage. Trivette and CD have been teasing him ever since Walker and Alex started seeing each other. They all had to agree Alex was a beautiful gal, smart too.

Cd's advice to Alex was "Don't rush him or you will scare him off and he will run."

Alex told CD," That she hasn't quite figured him to the point where she could rope him in and put her brand on him yet."

CD told Alex she sounded like a true country gal these days. Chuckling as Gage and Sydney walked in the door arguing. At it again you too, you'd think you two were married folks the way you to go at it. Sydney said," he's too ornery for me."

Trivette came into CD'S the next morning grumbling he didn't get any sleep, he needed his coffee to perk him up and some toast. He didn't get any downtime with Walker gone off to the badlands. Cowboys like Walker were a dying breed.

Alex walked into the cafe and CD said, "looks like another one for coffee."

Trivette said to CD, I never thought I would hear myself say this but,
" I miss the times Walker and I would saddle up and ride in pursuit of the bad guys."

Alex takes a sip of her coffee and sets her cup down, "You still haven't heard any word from Walker?"

CD says no," Quite frankly I am starting to get worried about him being gone so long."

Alex hated it when Walker just ups and walks away and goes deep into the badlands to work things out.

CD and Alex asked Trivette, "You ever going to settle down?"

"Will you two stop already! Maybe someday, but not right now. I am in no hurry to settle down." Trivette replied.

Trivette asked Alex," How did she meet Walker?"

Alex said,"She didn't know what to think of him at the time, he was argumentive, hard-headed when it came to the letter of the law. He was a lone wolf in a rustic way. Dressed in his cowboy attire he looked so handsome."
He was a man who could walk into a room and people would stop and stare knowing he was full of self-confidence and showed no fear. His eyes seemed to look at you like he could see into the windows of your soul.
Walker came up behind Alex and said,"Did I miss something?"
CD and Trivette looked to the heavens above rolling their eyes, Yep, Waker was doomed.

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