General Poetry posted January 14, 2017

This work has reached the exceptional level
The Passion of a red hot Tango in a shoe!

The Tango

by Dolly'sPoems

Shape Poetry Contest Winner 
         The Tango              
         A tight
     and serious
   face, heels
 don't touch the
floor,   her   skirt
rides high, revealing thigh, charismatic to
the core. Passion controls
all movements, erotica hot
  through veins, shoulders
     poised in vice like grip,
       their feet have all the
           brains. A flick. A kick.
              A rumba. A mocking
              twist  and  turn,  his arm
              clinches           her arched           
              b  a  c  k,               hypnotic
              hips that                   c h u r n.
              Intensely                   sliding,                     
              gliding,                        STOP!
              abruptly                          to a pause,
              strutting                            peacocks
              jerking,                               as Latin rhythms lurk.
              She spins,                             he clings, her kick flings high he
              grasps her                             leg  in place,  finally her hand
              flicks  up,                               and lustfully caresses his face.


Shape Poetry
Contest Winner


I have tried to capture the red hot passionate Tango dance in a high heeled shoe shaped poem.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by helvi2 at

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