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Sam Puts Reporter In His Place By Warning Him

Reporter Makes Wrong Move

by country ranch writer

It was just a year ago Sarah's friend Sam offered her his cabin to spend the summer. He wouldn't be using it and it would be just sitting there going to waste. He knew she never took a vacation and it was affecting her work. Time away from the ranch would do her a world of good.
He was surprised that she agreed to go and take some time off.

If Sarah didn't watch herself she would fall in love with Sam's place all over again. This would be foolish on her part. She had one more week, then she would be going back. Back to her life of the day to day hustle and bustle of ranch life. Sarah loved the mountains. It was just what she needed. A cool breeze came down the mountains into the valley. Her vacation was coming to a close; she was saddened by the thought of going back home. She had enjoyed her time away it was peaceful and quiet and she had time to think about just herself for a change. She was always too busy worrying about everyone else.

Sarah's cell phone rang in the right pocket of her jeans, startling her, interrupting her train of thought. Why couldn't life stay simple? Like it was out here where she was at?

Listening to the person on the other end of her phone she finally said,"What are you saying?"

The person on the phone said, "You need to be careful or you will end up in over your head."

"I am fine really," Sarah told the caller.

The conversation continued for a few moments longer she then told him mainly to get rid of him pestering her.
"Yes, I will be returning in about a week," she said. Sarah was being cautious. She hated nosy reporters.

The caller was fishing for information when he said,"Why don't you tell me your whereabouts?"

"Why are you bothering me?" Sarah said shaking her head in disbelief.

"Your absence from the ranch is big news," He said.

"You're making me sorry I answered the phone," She said. "My whereabouts is none of your damn concern!"

She was beginning to get pissed, and out of control. He had no right to bother her.
She felt like she was having one of those rare anxiety attacks. It had been years since she had one. Her heart felt like it was going to pound out of her chest.

She shut the phone down! She hoped his ears were burning. This was her time and she was going to enjoy what was left of it despite the jerk or so she thought. She didn't like to be rude, but she'd come up here to be alone. Instead, she had a sleepless night, she has never had trouble falling asleep before.

Feeling particularly pleased with himself Jack was not surprised she cut their conversation off. He was taking a chance at best she'd even talk with him. When he called her on her cell phone he'd thought to himself at the time it was worth a try. "I wonder what she is up to? She isn't one to just up and take a vacation. As long as he's been nosing around she never has.

Sarah smiled to herself as she took a few sips of her morning coffee. She was daydreaming about Sam and she had to admit she had a thing for him. They have been friends and partners for years. She had to admit he set her body on fire like no one ever has by just watching him work. Something else she had to remember he never missed a thing. She was hoping he didn't sense her emotions towards him.

Jack had gone to the ranch to see what he could find out about Sarah. He questioned Sam as if he was a suspect or something. Look Sam said, " it is time for you to just leave and get the hell off the property or I will have the sheriff do it for me. Don't you read the posted signs? It says due to the shortage of bullets we no longer fire warning shots. We surely don't like reporters or solicitors of any kind. They just get in the way and end up getting hurt if you get my drift."

Jack moved away from Sam saying,"You're insane! you don't know what you're implying."

"I could kill you now. Do you understand?" Sam looked him straight in the eye.

Scared, trembling, Jack backed further away to a safe distance and said,"I know you're out of your mind if you think you could get away with it."

Sam told him," You sure you want to chance it?"

Jack retreated his face red as a beet, his fists were down by his side as he strutted off mumbling. "You're time will come." Getting into his truck he ground the gears as he backed out of the ranch.
Spinning his wheels burning rubber as he rushed away as fast as he could like a scared rabbit.

Sam saw the men standing looking at him as if he was daft. He laughed and said, "Nothing like trespassers to start the day off right. Right, boys?"

The ranch hands said laughing, "You sure had him buffaloed that's for sure. Making him think you would harm him."

Sam turned to look at the guys and he had that devilish gleam in his eyes they all knew so well. They were just glad the boss wasn't mad at them for pulling any pranks. They were known to come up with a few of their own over the years. The boss sure put that mealy mouth reporter in his place that was for darn sure. They paired off and went about their daily business of running the ranch as expected of them. They earned top dollar out here so they were glad they had no complaints.

The Wrong Move writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a story where your character made the wrong choice and must deal with the repercussions.

Let me all know if you like this and want to learn more about Sarah and Sam.
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Artwork by helvi2 at FanArtReview.com

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