Romance Poetry posted January 6, 2017

This work has reached the exceptional level
A Journey, though short

The Other Room

by RGstar

Erotic Poem Contest Winner 
The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.
The Other Room

Her eyes... are the most beautiful eyes
Defines no age or erroneous guise
Soft lobes of her ear, when touched, lightly, there
Jasmine and saffron could never compare

And I know a place she's frequent to grace
Neither crowds to employ, nor too much space
There, sun shines at noon, and nights reflect moon
She'll go there's just the other room

First, plays their song--of those precious times, by
''Where the Eagles cry, on a mountain; high''
And her chest, though pains, pulsates and heaves
As the moisture builds, so to swollen leaves

The journey is short, as those times before
Just three nimble steps to the bedroom door
Thus finds the place, between satin and lace
Where damp fingers trace, she finds no disgrace

Grips of sinewed thighs hail the loss of pride
Sudden gasp, aloud, for so moist inside
As to crave a kiss, not just wanton bliss
It's of whom she loves... and thus surely miss

As her mind creates, the music plays on
And If tears do fall, it is just the one
Silken sheets astride as she writhes and yearns
To the ceiling; screams, as soft passion burns

As the moment nears, arched; a whispered sigh
''Where the eagles cry, on a mountain high''
Willed--she claws flesh, in a dance that she knows
Then cries out; ''Yes!'' As sweet nectar flows

Erotic Poem
Contest Winner


I was trying to give this one a low profile, but I guess others had other ideas for Reconciled has spent his dollars on it, and now it has zoomed to the top of the first page...well I guess nowhere to hide now:)
I have been shown so much generosity from a few here, for this is not the first time Michael has done this. He is a perfect friend and brother in arms here, and I thank him so much, too, Sweet Linda and others who have done the same because of liking of the work. You guys couldn't break my heart more than is already. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am glad I didn't leave as planned.

This write is, for me, a rare entry into author led competition, spur of the moment after reviewing Richard J's entry. If not to ones taste, please take the liberty of passing up, which I hope you don't...normality returns next post.

Thank you so much, we are artists and artists do what we do best...paint pictures, create imagery and feel...the best we can for the moment of well, in word, for nothing needs to stay hidden, and the universe is our oyster.

This work is inspired by the music of the late Barry White and Joe Cocker, both have sadly past on, and fitting a word for two who are so responsible for the romance, eroticism and, I would think, many new babies being born into this world. May they RIP.

Best wishes.

Have a good day you all. Wishes for the coming year. Lots of publication


Music instrumental, played by a great musician, James E Green, you can find him on you tube,
Original by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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