Horror and Thriller Fiction posted December 10, 2016

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A farmers bad luck

Buried Alive

by krys123

The Dark Contest Winner 

The door slammed shut and I'm unable to open it.  In here I'm stuck in my father's silo. I just came in to check the filling arm to make sure the grain flows easily and in about 20 minutes it will start flowing in pound by pound. If I'm not out of here and able to open the door I'll be crushed by the pouring grain filtering in.

I look up above and there's a latch door about 40 feet and I'll have to climb up there and get out but yesterday I sprained my ankle getting off the tractor so it's going to be a very tough agonizing climb.

About five minutes now and I can hear the motor running to send the grain up the chute.  Once it starts pouring in the silo to fill up easily in about 30 minutes and fill in here, I'll be crushed in 10 or maybe five. I've got to get to that last latch. I start to climb and the pain in my ankle is excruciating but I gotta put up and put it out of my mind.

Here the grain's starting to climb the chute but it's too early. I should have at least another 10 minutes or so. All I know is I got another 35 feet to go to reach that latch above me and now my thinking about the Saturday football game between Ohio State and Ohio and I must be crazy or crazily mad.
It's hard to breathe with the chaff and the corn getting in my nose and scratching my throat terribly.
As the grain is pouring in and its pushing on my shoulders and hands making it very hard to grasp the handles of the ladder.

I look down and the grain is starting to accumulate below me and it's about 5 feet high now still pouring in. I got about another 15 feet to the last door and it's super hard to climb and the grain is pouring in faster now.

Five more feet to go and I got the strap in my hand. The grain is up to my knees now piling up from the bottom and I can barely move my feet. I pull on the strap to open the door and the latch is stuck and oh my God I can't move. This can't be it? The grain is filling up too fast and it is so dark.

Choking on the chaff, as the chaff scratching the back of my throat and I can't breathe. I'm stuck and starting to black out without air and it's so dark.....


Writing Prompt
Write a story where your character is stuck in complete darkness.

The Dark
Contest Winner

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