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Candy Cane

A Present For Sarah

by country ranch writer

Children's Story Contest Winner 
Sarah couldn't believe she was hearing right. Mr.Harry Truman was telling her Uncle Charlie that
Candy Cane was her horse. My uncle asked him,"how much?" He said, "I would not take any money for him." Mr.Harry Truman replied. I never seen a horse and rider fall in love with each other soon as they met before, He said,"There was no charge." Mr.Truman handed Uncle Charlie the papers, right then and there. " It was a miracle!"
Candy Cane was a special needs horse for the handicapped. Candy Cane kissed her tears of happiness away as Sarah hugged him for dear life crying with her tears of joy.

Sarah took her horse to school for show and tell so other kids could see her ride and what it means to have a special disability. One that limits your abilities when you have no legs like other kids do.

Sarah lost her legs last year to bone cancer and was learning to cope. A friend of her Uncle Charlie's thought that Sara would benefit from the classes. Sarah wants to become a physical therapist when she gets out of school and work with kids.

Sarah worked her way all through school and is now going for her degree in horsemanship, physical therapy, and ranch owner. She says she was able to improvise to get her work done. When she first got her prosthetic, Candy Cane looked at her funny and it was like he knew immediately what had happened! He was just as excited as Sarah,

In the coolness of the afternoons, she would just sit and talk with Candy Cane. It was their favorite hang out there their the apple tree. She'd feed him an apple or two and she would sometimes eat a few. Uncle Charlie became foreman of her ranch and his wife Betty became the cook for the ever mounting hands. Everyone loved Aunt Betty, she made the best tasting meals and the most delicious of cookies!

Sara said, " she could never repay him for getting her mind off her sorrows and bring Candy Cane into my life."

Uncle Charlies said,"There was no need, just seeing the two of you, together was enough"

Children's Story
Contest Winner
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