Biographical Poetry posted December 2, 2016

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Blank Verse


by mountainwriter49

Blank Verse Poetry Contest Contest Winner 
A Blank Verse Petrarchan Sonnet Sequence
I look upon the shore and ocean waves
encroaching on eroding sands of time.
Shore’s granules slowly shift ‘neath water’s pulse
as Neptune’s whims hone currents’ sculpting  blades.
Pale gravid moon hangs low o’er rolling seas
as I now ponder life’s e’er shifting sands
from balcony’s repose above the shore
while kissing Basil’s tantalizing lips.
      Abraded sands of time and minutes from
      my life’s span merge into the here and now.
      I hear the echoes of my past as swells
      diminish gracefully upon the beach.
      But for sweet Basil’s touch I’d be alone,
      because you’ve crashed too soon into your bed.
Because you’ve crashed too soon into your bed,
I’m left alone upon the edge of time;
and on the rim of sanity where I
can’t reason 'tween the light and dark, the wrong
and right, or serpentine curves twisting 'twixt
the here and there, and more importantly,
that which resides so deep within my heart—
life's essence which forever makes me whole.
      I fill my cup and sip the grain and scribe
      upon book’s pages resting on my lap.
      I write as the calm waters gently pulse
      and coalesce to coax my muse this evening.
      And as I write some words upon the page,
      you wake and join me by the boardwalk’s rail.
You wake and join me by the boardwalk’s rail
and say we need another Basil’s kiss.
You fill our glasses to the rim and say
now, “Drink, my brother dear, and let us talk
about the sands of time and that upon
which you have pondered on this sid’ral night.”
And thus we talked into the early morn
before submitting to the Sandman’s song.
      My empty glass fell short of boardwalk’s edge
      as the Doritos’ bag blew b'yond our reach.
      Into our beds we fell and drifted with
      time’s currents into dream-filled sleep before
      earth’s rim transitioned to a fiery blaze.
      The morning sun spawned contemplative thoughts…
The morning sun spawned contemplative thoughts
as I undressed for shaving and a bath.

My random, rambling thoughts began to pour 
as water, steaming hot, ran down my back 
to seep into the vault of mem'ries made. 

We’d cast our work aside and dined in wind’s
sweet breath as we imbibed too many drinks,
and crabs and oysters; Basil’s luscious kisses.
      How fortunate I am to have you as
      my brother for so very many years.

      I, in your wedding, and then you in mine,
      and always our thoughts pick up from when we
      last talked as though it was just yesterday.
      Such is our mantra; very best of friends.

Such is our mantra; very best of friends
for ages now.  Forevermore we’ll keep
 the faith and trust of brotherhood until
the time when we no longer can draw breath
or see the morning sun rise o’er the sea's
soft rippling edge.  We'll pull each other back,
as you did me when I succumbed that day
and lost my beating heart at ocean’s edge.
      I pause to think of shifting sands and all
      the things we’ve said and done throughout the years.
      We have survived archangel’s darkest kiss
      despite ourselves and all that we have done.
      My heart’s now beating healthfully as I
     now look upon the beach and ocean waves…

1 December 2016

Blank Verse Poetry Contest
Contest Winner


Poetic Form:
Blank Verse Petrarchan Sonnet Sequence. Written in iambic pentameter with no end rhymes within each sonnet, not the entire sonnet sequence. The Petrarchan sonnet consist of two parts. The first is an octave that establishes the question, problem, or commentary while the sestet serves as the resolution or response to the octave. There is neither a turn nor a closing couplet in the Petrarchan sonnet form.

B'yon = beyond: a poetic elision pronounced in one syllable.

Sid'ral = sideral; a poetic elision of the word. Relating to the motion of the stars in the night sky; i.e., a starry night.

This is biographical. My brother and I are close and get together every three or four months to catch up, share a few drinks and enjoy wherever we are. When at the shore in September, I collapsed and lost my heart beat. I required compressions and subsequent hospitalization. This is written to honor my brother. Thank goodness my brother was there to help me through that traumatic experience.

Thank you for reading my poetry.
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