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Work place

by country ranch writer

Write about a friendship that ended Contest Winner 

I had known one the ladies on my team for a long time. We had worked a lot of crazy schedules and jobs in retail. The only problems I had with her was she was she had no backbone when it came to sticking up for herself. I was always there to smooth things over and stop her from quitting time after time.

Our positions were coming up for a change. There would be changes in all departments ours being one of them. I was promoted into a higher position. Yup, you guessed it she wasn't on the promotion list. The boss had a grudge against her. Why no one knew or ever would.

They hard never seen eye to eye since the place had hired her. She wasn't the only one the boss had trouble with. People would tell management but they let it fall on deaf ears. The boss could be a real scartastic bitch when she wanted to be.

Let's face it she was a hard ass bully, she knew how to target the defenseless,and when and where to strike. With the boss and my friend I could see it coming to a head they were having a very loud discussion. Her favorite dig was, " why the hell was your work not done? when I specifically gave you a time limit?"

She had taken her off the project to help another worker. She tried to explain to the boss, but she would not listen. She pushed her aside saying, "it is not my problem, you should have told me you were too lazy to get the job done!" the boss shaking her head, yelling you are such a jerk for the whole store to hear. Suddenly the big bully came face to face her own boss he was standing on the sidelines, listening to her spout off. She turned red and tried to cover up the incident by saying, "Come on, folks I was just kidding around."

The boss kept belittling her when her own boss wasn't around until her feelings were in tatters. She tried so hard not to loose it over the likes of her.

It should have been held out of the public's hearing range, but no the boss wanted to humiliate her in front of everyone.

Her boss caught the bully in the act again. He just happened to hear them going at it. He was heading to the office and managed to get his meaning across to both. We are supposed to be a team and when the store is open it is no longer time to argue who is right or wrong. The customer always comes first.

The boss had stepped way over her bounds of discipline, she didn't know it her life was about to change.

My friend turned to me and said,"I wondered who you would put first, your job or our friendship?"

It rocked me on my feet for a minute but I reminded her, " when we walked through the front doors every morning that is where friendship and work draw the line."

We are professionals first and foremost and we must act the part. You must be able to separate the two or you are asking for trouble. By some miracle, I was able to keep them from going postal on each other. As time went on things were settling into a normal mode or so I thought.

Silly me, it was just coming into the final day at the okay corral. Our friendship was ending The boss decided to rear her bully side in high gear, there was no talking my friend into staying. She said '"you always talked me out of it, but not this time."

" I went higher up to management and they just blew me off I am so over it," she said. Clocking out she left.

It was two years before I heard from her. Her friends kept me up to date on how she was doing. She told me,"I learned one thing,"

"Oh, What was that?" I said.

"You don't have friends at work you have acquaintances," She said.

As the years passed she moved away and I lost track of her. I sometimes wonder, if she ever started fighting her own battles and standing up for herself.

So sad this goes on in the workplace and your hands become tied. There is so much we'd like to stand up and say in our friends defense but we can't.

Your job is on the line when this comes into friendship vs work. Friendships come and go and your living depends on you and how much you are willing to throw away. "Is it worth putting your job in jeopardy and everything you worked for?"

I for one could not get her to understand. She thought she should of come first. I for one was sorry to see this was going to be her downfall. Where ever she ended up or is doing I hope
she found her way in the world. Life can be so cruel and when you are shy and new to the world you latch onto your friends for a lifeline. They are the familiar face that you see coming into work every day.

Write about a friendship that ended
Contest Winner

The bully finally got what was coming to her. She was demoted and removed from the floor to the inner office. Was she ever surprised when they gave her the ultematum, it was take that position or be fired.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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