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Value Of Friendship

Pinky Promise

by country ranch writer

Two Children Contest Winner 

Two young orphan friends were being separated this week. One was older than the other but they didn't care. They have been inseparable since they were brought into the orphanage. They were sitting on their favorite bench when they came to separate them. They hugged, one looked up at the other and said, if one needed the other they would be there. To a child a pinky promise was everything.

As he older girl Molly grew up and became independent she opened up her own bait and tackle shop. It was right on the edge of the Louisiana Swam, It. was miles from town and Molly liked it that way.

She has done pretty good for herself and banked all the money she's ever made. She knew there would come a day she may have to dip into it and wanted to be prepared to do so.

People thought she was wild, outspoken, and maybe a touched in the head a bit because she had no use for people prying into her private life. She had some fishing boats to rent for a small fee and if you couldn't pay she just may let you take a boat out anyways.

Music was played by some friends on Friday and Saturday evenings for the young folks. Just like always the large slabs of ribs with all the fixings were served every Sunday after church. Extra sauce, well there was never any charge when asked for.

It had been years since they talked especially since she married that looser. He hated Molly and Maggie being close. She must have been really scared and up set to go above his head and call her for help. Little did she know what he'd done.

It was during one of those Sunday evenings a call came in for Molly it was her best friend from the orphanage Maggie. She couldn't believe Maggie reached out to her for help. She dropped everything and rushed to her bedside. Maggie was in the hospital in Georgia not expecting to live.

The doctor rushed Molly into his office and set her down to ask her some questions. The doctor explained to Molly that Maggie's soon to be ex-husband was going to prison for attempted murder of his wife and baby girl.

Maggie had gone into labor after having a shouting match with her husband. He thought if he could make her fall down the stairs and kill her and the baby then he would b over his responsibilities in one swoop.

The doctor asked Molly, If she had room for Maggie to stay when she left the hospital?

"Also, could she afford to help pay for a full time nurse to take care of Maggie and the baby?" It turns out Maggie had no insurance since she lost her job. Her husband had wrecked her car and left it aside of the road one night to be stolen. He has cleaned out their joint account gambling and left them penniless. That is why they were arguing the night of the fall.

After Molly made all the arrangements for Maggie's care. She met with Father Benedict. She had him go with her to her bank, set up funds for Maggie and her baby Noel. She wanted them to be able to take care of themselves without running to her for everything. Molly told him Maggie was never to know Molly done this for her and Noel. She was to think it was a special program to help people in need.

Molly was independent and fiercely protective of Maggie and Noel and used to handlin things her way behind the scenes. Some believe she may have had a hand in the disappearance of Maggie's ex-husband Jasper Jones. That man was so full of hatred it was a small loss when he was discovered missing.
Hurting the people you love does not sit good with the people in the bayou country. Especially when there is a baby involved. It just does not sit right with the people from the swamp.

Some one will take the law in their own hands and step up and make them sorry for stepping foot in Louisiana, inflicting pain on an unsuspecting soul.

People do move on and no one asks why or really seems to care. Such as the case of the missing prisoner; he just disappeared on his way to prison to serve two consecutive sentences for attempted murder of his wife and child. They found him dead in the back bayou of the Louisiana Swamp. The Judge said, "It was death by unknown causes." Guess we will never know for sure.

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Two Children
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