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Lost In The Woods

Not Again?

by country ranch writer

"Here we are, turn here," he said,"It says it's supposed to be down this road."
They rode for another ten miles in hopes to see a sign. "Pull up to that fence, there is some kind of sign propped up there shot full of holes," I said to my dad.

"Santana five miles ahead but which way?" My big brother said to dad.

"Well let's continue down this road and see where it leads us," Dad said.

My brother Jim was all excited. I on the other hand was wishing I had stayed home. Especially after the embarrassing moment I had suffered, from my Uncles teasing me about BUCK FEVER.

I hadn't been hunting since I was a girl of thirteen, so here I was now the ripe ole age of twenty two, home for the holidays and asked if I could tag along. Of course they said, okay, I had a hard time dealing with being embarrassed by my peers. It forced me face facts and to learn all I could about hunting. I still got lost and missed the deer but that's another story.

I was going to write a piece for the county paper about who got the biggest deer of the season. Well, here I was, all set up for the hunt, never thinking I would get of all things BUCK FEVER.

Yup, That was me going home with my shirt tail cut and my faith in myself taken down a notch or two. I couldn't believe the biggest buck of the season made a fool out of me in front of everyone.

"Maybe this year would be different, all I could do was try right?" I asked my brother.

We pulled into the yard and the dogs came running out to greet us, they were ecstatic.
The weather had turned out nice and promised to be a good day for the hunt. I was all decked out in my Camo from head to toe. Back pack all set and full of nutrition bars and water in case we got hungry.

Dad helped Uncle Ben into the SUV, and we took off down the road. Heading in the right direction this time around, going straight down to the far side of the Swamp to hunt. When my Grandpa was alive he'd hunt down there and swore it was the best place on Uncle Ben's land to hunt deer and hogs.

Aunt Jenny told Uncle Ben not to get lost or she'd have to send the hounds after him. He turned and looked at us and said, "She is serious too!"

She has never let him live that down since he got lost and turned around in the woods as it was getting dark. Aunt Jenny had opened her back door of the house and set the dogs loose to look for him and her right behind them. Uncle Ben had spells of dementia and would get lost every once in awhile. The dogs to the rescue each and every time, I loved those hunting dogs. Uncle Ben called them Mike & Ike and they looked alike, couldn't tell them apart.

The tree stands were in place for a few days prior so the deer would get used to them being there in the woods. We had gone to great lengths this year making sure there was no lingering human scant on our clothes. My brother and Uncle Ben got their deer but I never shot any while hunting with them.

I just loved being out in the woods away from the hustle and bustle of city folks. You can see so much in the woods just sitting, watching, and listening. I loved being out with my Grandpa most of all. I thought he was the smartest and dearest man on this earth.

As the years rolled by we became accustomed to getting lost and being pressed for time to get out of the woods before dark. It gets damn cold when the sun goes down. Grandpa had always told us growing up to mark our trails; as it is so easy to get turned around in the woods he'd say.

Always mark your trails especially where you go in and along the way so you can find your way back. It is bad enough getting lost, but getting lost in the storm, or buried in the sand is not my way to end the day. He constantly reminded us he'd say, been there done that it I didn't like it then and still don't like it till this day. Getting to damn old for those mistakes.

The weather is nice one minute and turns bitter cold when the sun goes down. Getting turned around in the woods is easy to do when it starts to get dark everything begins looking the same.

My brother told me we were lost one day and I thought he was kidding till he looked me straight in the eyes when he said it and I could see the concern and truth in his words. He didn't say anything before as he didn't want me getting scared.

For the past few hours earlier today, ( I thought of that time), for we'd been going around in circles. We finally came to the fence line finally it let us back to our starting point and there sat our truck. We hightailed it out of there before we got caught in the woods in the dark. Aunt Jenny she was sure happy to see Uncle Ben and so were the dogs. I was just glad to be back. My brother Jim and Dad both gave a sigh of relief too. They were really glad to be back home. As they set down on the front steps, the stars were shinning brightly and the moon was so big! It was supposed to be the biggest one yet ever seen by man.

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